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Blogging Behind The Scenes

blogging behind the scenes

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Blogging Behind The Scenes

Today I felt like writing a little about what I’ve been doing “behind the scenes”. Blogging is a hard and tough career at times and I have to admit the past two months have been tough. It wasn’t just this way for me but for lot’s of professional bloggers I know, the worked seemed to dry up between December and March and things are only just starting to get back to normal.

So what do you do when there is less PR work? I spent the time planning. I planned and I planned and I worked hard behind the scenes. Finally after years I feel like my blog is falling into place. I have the categories I like and I have been making an inventory of my posts.

I have created a spreadsheet and listed every blogpost for each category on my blog. I have then been going through each post and optimising it. This means I have checked SEO, Search engine optimisation, ensured the correct Keywords are in my posts, checked the tags and made sure all the images have good descriptions. It has been a painstakingly long task and I am not even half way through. I have literally about 1,300 posts to go so it’s a long process.

For each post, I am making sure I have a “Call to Action”. This is a phrase or link to encourage my lovely readers to read more content on similar topics. I’ve checked the links and disclosure and now that I have a certain style for my posts, I’m changing my disclosures and moving them to the top of my blog posts.

I’ve been adding some links, Amazon affiliate links to my crafty ideas posts which will help my readers to find the products needed for certain crafts but also also help me grow a small avenue of income. So far it’s been very small and literally dollars but I felt it was time to try and monetise certain posts to help cover the time I put into blogging.

I’ve added google Ad’s to my sidebar. For so long I chose not to have Ad’s however, It’s something I need to help me. The blog is earning again a very small amount from my sidebar ad but it’s better than nothing.

I added a hello bar to the top of my blog to encourage subscriptions and have had help to set up a new template for a weekly newsletter I plan to write. To be honest, I have struggled to send out Newsletter and stopped completely last year but I am going to start this up and make a real effort from next week onwards.


As part of my blog post updates. I have been making pinterest pins for posts which don’t have them and new pins for posts which have what I consider “ugly” pins. I have been slowly working on my pinterest growth at least two hours every day and this week I have hit my goal of 8000 followers. Yipee! I am so so pleased. It’s not been easy but the work is paying off.

I have been looking at ways to repurpose and improve old blog posts. For example in some earlier posts, I gave lists and ideas. I’m picking one post a week that I can revamp and improve by adding value for example a downloadable printable. I do like design and making printables but it is time consuming so can only be done one post at a time.

So whilst it was quiet for the past two months I have been working harder than ever to improve the quality of my content. I have created a new template and style for all craft posts, have a new logo and now have a process in place to make sure all future posts are optimised for the best potential views.

Since Monday I have been bombarded with emails. The work is picking up. I am getting quality review offers, toys to giveaway and invitations. I am excited. I am physically unwell a lot, so have to turn down invitations to events, howeverΒ  on Monday I am being paid to go to London to watch a film at the Soho Hotel. Also next Saturday we are taking Sylvia to Manchester for her first 2018 blog event. It’s going to be at Pizza Express and I’m excited for her.

So whilst I have been plugging away in the background, my blog has been slowly improving. There is so much more to be done but I am on track and one day when I can afford it, I will get some extra help to help do more tasks behind the scenes but for now, I will be doing it on my own. My DA has gone up this month and my Tots score is at 52 which is the best in 6 months.

I am excited to have opportunities coming in once more and that overwhelming busy feeling is back. If I take it one day at a time I can get through this and mix the work up with lots of rest. I am excited. 2018 is going to be epic for The Inspiration Edit and the hard work is and will be worth it.

I am going to do another month of blog post optimisation and then from April I will turn my focus to creating content (my favourite part) and social media growth. Exciting.




  1. After blogging for more than a year, from time to time, I find it difficult to come up with content for new posts. I use a similar trick as you by going through my old posts updating it and improving it, hoping to find new ideas for new posts.

  2. It sounds like things are going so well! That’s awesome. Your blog looks fabulous. I hope you have a blast in London.

  3. Good for you for the offers and opportunities rolling in! It sounds like you deserve them. I’ve been working behind the scenes and a lot of it doesn’t come easily to me the way writing and photography do. It’s been a big lesson in tech stuff, SEO, and marketing!

  4. Keep up the work. I should sit down and plan my blog posts. I just come up with my posts and try to write it as soon as possible to not forget. Working on a blog can be challenging, but in the end it will all pay off!

    1. thanks. Yes it has been quiet but there is so much to learn and when you .do you have to go back and redo stuff.

  5. There’s so much work being done behind posts and a lot of people don’t realize that. I think it’s really nice to be productive when there aren’t sponsored posts or deadlines.

  6. wow it sounds like you have been busy! This is all stuff that I really need to work on but I have been swamped with work and just never get the time to get it done! I almost look forward to a quiet month so I can do it!

  7. I totally agree everything you have said on this post. Keeping a blog is a hardwork you have to put your time and talent in writings together. You did a great job btw it is of the interesting blog i came across to.

  8. Sounds like you are doing the right things to put your blog together. I know there are so many different things that bloggers do. It’s crazy to think how much we put into a post and edit and brand and get everything in line with everything else and focus on SEO and and and… lol . It seems overwhelming at times but you certainly seem to have a plan and goals and that’s awesome, even if you blog work is at a trickle for the moment.

  9. It is good to still be productive when the work opportunities are slow. I am looking forward for more of your posts.

  10. Sounds like there are still much to do! It is good to focus on the improvements of blog while there is time so it will be ready for more opportunities.

  11. Truly alot of work goes behind the scene to make that blog good and perfect enough for people .. Work has to always be done and at the end its all for the oassion and jncome stream.

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