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Blogging Backwards and BritMumsLive

I’m sure I’m not the only one but this week I felt like I was blogging backwards. Blogging backwards you ask? What do you mean by this? I mean, I’m writing and doing my best but I don’t seem to be reaching the people I usually reach or getting the views or the responses one might hope for as a Blogger.

Am I disappointed? Yes a little. Is this a small set back? Yes! But will I let is stop me reaching for my dreams? No! In fact the answer is a BIG FAT NO! I recently read that comparison is the biggest threat to Gratitude and I think it is true.

I could sit here and compare myself to my Blogging friend who may or may not have more visits, less views, more followers, less comments! I’m not going to get sucked into comparing myself to other bloggers. It would be easy to do so. I need to focus on me and me alone! I think now is the time to sit back and look at the whole picture.

If I compare this week (which has been rubbish for me) to other weeks then I might end up feeling really down and out. So I wont do that. The question therefore is what will I do? Look at reality! The reality is, I’ve just come out of hospital and been resting all week. I have not been able to put the same amount of work in that I would like to! I’ve not written as many posts as usual. I’ve not linked up to the people I wanted to link up to. I did not have the health or energy to promote or market my posts how I would usually.

When I sit back and see the reality, I have done a dam good to get the views I have and write the posts I have after suffering a life threatening adrenal crisis last week. I wont be hard on myself. I will remain positive and say, Boy have I done well! I will recognise how dam amazing I am and be proud of the fact I’ve done this in the face of illness!

I also need to remember my blog improvements. I’ve sorted my header and illustration which I think is really cool and that took some doing. I hope you like it! I do!

I’ve also been coping with a unwell husband! Yes the Mighty Hubster has been sick, a trip to the Doctor has revealed what is going wrong and he is on the road to recovery thank goodness! I’ve also had a stressed out child (which you would expect when Mummy collapses and is rushed to hospital) and had to deal with a whole lot of dog c##p. That’s right… Yoda our little Bichon has felt the stress and it affected his tummy.

Yoda has gone on a little holiday to stay with Pepper his best doggie buddy for the weekend! My daughter has also gone for a mini weekend break and will have fun swimming and going on some adventures with close friends. This leaves me to muster up the strength to attend BRIT MUMS LIVE… Yeah woop, woop, happy,happy joy,joy!

I am unwell but I’m doing something for me. Some say I’m crazy. I say this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and whether I attend or not…I’m still going to be unwell next week and in hospital… The NHS have already pre-arranged my stay. They are putting me into an induced adrenal crisis to see how my body reacts. Will my life be at risk yes! I need to have an ECG on Monday to check my heart will cope with the “experiment/test”. Fingers crossed!

So whether I go to Britmums or not… I’ll be back at hospital Monday morning and most of the week so I will attend BritMums this weekend and I’ll meet my blogging friends and have a dam good time! Then back to reality and serious medical treatment time! I’ll be in hospital again. My hubby will watch our daughter until the tests are completed and then I’ll be home to recover for a few weeks.

So what does this mean for my Blog? Will it affect the quality of my work? Are my stats going to drop when I only post 2-3 times a week? The answer is an inevitable Yes. I will be Blogging backwards possibly for the next month, that’s just the way it is. It may put a hamper on my attempt to raise money for private treatment and the Adrenal Pump but at least I’m getting vital tests done in Hospital and done for free and the results will help me.

I simply have to have patience, patience, patience. Some think I’m mad blogging when I’m so unwell….Not blogging drives you even more crazy. Imagine being sick with no purpose! At least I can be positive and share my journey as I blog.

I have so many ideas and so much knowledge to share and if I blog, it would be going in my online Journal anyhow so …I might as well when I have the strength, go ahead and do so. So here’s to a Backwards blogging week and a Backwards Blogging Month! I really don’t mind.

I have higher priorities this month…my life, my child, my family and with that said, I shall hop into bed and get some much needed rest before my BritMumsLive adventure tomorrow!

I wont be blogging about BritMums Live like everyone else. I don’t have the energy! I will simply go and enjoy, meet people, learn and chill out! Everyone else can do the work, they can blog and they can reap the rewards…I’m just happy to be attending!

I did manage to get my hair done for the first time in many months 🙂 So happy about this! So I will share. P.S Just because my hair looks does not mean I am better or well, it just means I’m not having the typical bad hair day.