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Do Bloggers Find Offline Marketing Useful

social media marketing

Do Bloggers Find Offline Marketing Useful

As a blogger, a key component to successful engagement, page views and driving traffic to the blog is in the marketing you do to promote your posts. For the Inspiration Edit, I market and advertise my blog in many places including several different social media platforms.

social media marketing

I market on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Stumble Upon. I also use word of mouth, mentioning the blog to others and handing out my card when I’m well enough to attend an event.

This week I was asked to take part in a Survey hosted by Colour Graphics. It is a quick survey looking at the option of offline marketing for bloggers. The key questions being does offline marketing benefit bloggers and can it help boost marketing goals?

I filled out the survey which was super fast. It only took 2 minutes and I’m looking forward to reading the results and seeing what works for other bloggers. I’d like to know what works and what does not in terms of blog promotion. I think this would be really interesting and useful and it could help me in terms of my marketing plan for 2017.

So if your a blogger you may want to pop over and fill out the survey to help Colour graphics gather the information for their research? It wont take long at all and could be very beneficial and useful once the results are out.

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