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Well I have some awesome news. I have a new blog theme! I really liked my previous theme which was by pipdig however I have noticed more and more blogger using the same or a similar style theme and I really felt it was time for a slight change.

I wrote a list of the things I didn’t like so much about my old theme and did some research with my husband and we came up with this wonderful new theme. What I love about the new theme is the flexibility and options to build pages.

My home page can be built in many different ways. I have a lovely slider at the top featuring my Sylvia’s style posts and a section for the most recent posts but I now also have posts in categories which is something I have wanted to do for a while.

I personally prefer topics and categories in comparison to a blog roll on the front of my page and with my new home page I am able to feature the newest content for each category.

My side bar is not the conventional right side bar but is in sections. I decided to have my mini about me section and my awards in the top right side bar and then my categories in the bottom right side bar. I’ve gotten rid of “things” which didn’t seem to make much difference being in my sidebar and have really decluttered.

I have my Instagram feed at the bottom of the blog page and a footer for my KLTR Kids Love to Read Linky badge and Facebook banner.

I love that there are so many options with my new theme. I have changed the font and colour of links. I have kept my lovely header which was created by Ellie Illustrates, changed the colour of my menu bars and everything is just as I like it now.

Having a blog makeover is like having a hair cut. It feels great and makes a huge difference. One thing which I really like is my main menu, when you scroll across the categories images appear which is more likely to produce click throughs than plain writing.

I also have a left sidebar which can be clicked on. This is not the conventional sidebar but is a list of my Power posts. These are my best pieces of writing on health, adrenal Insufficiency, my life, health and issues of abuse. I call this my Power bar as it features topics which I like to speak out about.

I am really pleased with the final results. I was getting a little tired of my previous colours and am happy with white and grey. I love my font choice. I love that I can keep my category tabs on my home page and yes I am just a little excited. Hopefully this theme will last a long time. I finally have every option I could imagine and am excited to share my blog makeover with you.

Angela x