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Why Blog Comments Don't Matter

blog comments

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Why Blog Comments Don’t Matter

Well today I was thinking about blog comments. Every blogger loves blog comments. Comments are often a sign of appreciation for the effort we put in to writing a post, the pictures we share or a way for our followers to engage with us. They can also be a way for trolls to write nasty comments and a method for spammers to try and get free links to our blogs, but generally a comment will make me happy and with that comes a feeling of satisfaction.

blog comments

When I first started blogging I got lots of comments. In particular when I felt well enough to join linkys. I’d comment on blogs and in return others would comment back. This is a great way to meet other bloggers and comment on one another’s posts. However as I cut back on this (due to feeling too unwell) my comments slipped.

I still get comments from those who love my blog and when I write an amazing piece. For example my blog post standing up to abuse which got over 99 comments. That was great! However some posts get zero or just one comment.

However the truth is most of my comments come to me on social media. I will get tons of people compliment me on a post, thank me or say they love my blog. I’ll get retweets on twitter and private messages and all these combined are huge.

The reality is many of my best blog posts in terms of page views often have the least comments.

Now I did even consider removing the comment option from my blog and simply asking people to comment via social media. However after consideration I felt it would be best to keep both options available. After all I do appreciate the comments that I get on the Daysinbed blog.

I’ve had a few conversations and I’m not the only blogger to have this experience. In fact I was speaking to a top pro blogger who told me that her friend has thousands of views a day yet no comments.

I guess my blog is similar. I can get a lot of views with not one comment. My most recent Adrenal post got over 3500 views in 24 hours and not one comment. However the best comments came personally via social media. I was thanked and told the information I share is invaluable. I was contacted by 3 mothers who have all lost their children to Adrenal Insufficiency and then many people shared my posts on social media.

I guess the point is you don’t have to have a comment on your blog post for it to be a success. You don’t have to have regular comments each week. People will still come and read the blog if you create good content and engagement may just happen in other ways.

So with that said, Please do comment if you have time and if not, I wont be upset because the fact I got a page view from you today has put a smile on my face.




  1. Great article and I think s lot of bloggers feel like this. Often I think it’s down to time constraints. It easy to write 140 characters on Twitter than an full answer on the blog

    1. I haven’t really discussed it with too many but I am beginning to learn what is more important and where I need to place more attention.

  2. I must admit I follow a fair few blogs via Bloglovin and check my feed several times a day. I also read many posts that catch my eye but might only leave a comment on 5 percent of them simply because I don’t have time. But I do appreciate and admire all the bloggers for their efforts. Hopefully they all still gain from their hits like you do. Thank you x

  3. As a very new (and slightly nervous) blogger, this is good to know. I can’t stop obsessing about no comments now!! 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing! As a new (and slightly nervous) blogger, this is very helpful. I can’t stop obsessing over having no comments now!!

  5. I saw an interesting FB thread recently where all the bloggers chatting said they have tens of thousands of views a month yet not one single comment! I don’t know what kind of social media engagement they had however. Fact is, the engagement is moving away from the blog and onto social media as you suggest I guess but I do like seeing comments on my actual site because of course, it’s all there in one place and also for future reference. I get wonderful comments on blog posts on my FB underneath the link but tbh even though that shows engagement there (which is good) it’s out of sight later and someone coming to site in the future to read that post isn’t going to see the wonderful FB comments which were on my page. I could go on about this for ages lol. The thing I DO have a massive bug bear about is the sheer number of bloggers who don’t respond to comments. It drives me bonkers! x

    1. I totally agree. It is important to have comments on the blog which is why I decided to keep my comments option but I’m not going to stress over it anymore.

  6. This is a great post and I must admit I read loads of blog posts but don’t often leave a comment. This is mainly because I just don’t have the time. But I am trying to leave more comments on posts that I read because it’s nice to know that we are apriciated

  7. I do see this too, and value a share as much as a comment. It’s so rewarding knowing people are reading and seeing my blog gets views. I often don’t comment on posts I read because I end up on several of that blogs other pages. Glad you kept the comments open x

    1. I value them all. Comments wherever they come from are valuable. I’m just not going to stress if they are not all visible to PR etc. At the end of the day I read all comments and see them. 🙂

  8. A great post. I often wonder if people are just clicking the link and leaving without reading.

    But as you say there are the shares and RTs with comments on FB and Twitter.

    To know pro bloggers don’t get comments either is nice to know.

    1. thanks. We can wonder. We can check our bounce rate on google analytics and I think likes and shares and RT’s also indicate whether people are reading. Comments are good but not the end of the world. I often read certain blogs every day but don’t have time to comment.

  9. I am a newbie to blogging and I have been very much focuseed on my comments (or lack of) on my blog. Your post has reassured me that even pro bloggers might not get many comments and that that is ok at the end of the day I need to remember I began blogging to help other new mums know we are all in this together.

  10. Well that’s good to know! I don’t always comment on blogs that I read although I do try. Sometimes it’s because I read a lot on my phone and commenting is a lot harder!

    I’m happy with any views I get 🙂

  11. I think all bloggers are in the same boat. Plus readers forget how much effort goes into writing posts. It’s a lot of effort from the idea to the actual post. Keep up the good content. Xx

  12. Thank you for posting about this. A lot of bloggers seem to be obsessed with receiving comments and equate having lots of comments with having a popular blog. I only seem to get lots of comments when participating in a linky, but it’s nice to see people seem to return to the blog to check it out. They don’t always comment, but at least I know they’re reading.

  13. Over the last couple of month I have stopped linking up to so many linkies and as a result I have seen the number of comments I get drop BUT not a significant drop in views. People must still be reading my blogs but do not feel compelled to comment, which can be the case when they find you via a linky. I’d rather have one really well thought out and genuine comment that 10 that make me feel they are only adding a comment because you were on the same linky.

  14. I’ve joined a few linkys now and not received any comments through them aside from the host’s. It’s easy to feel down-in-the-mouth about it especially when I have spent a lot of time commenting on other posts in the linkys & retweeting the one before etc. So this is a lovely uplifting post for me to see today, thanks 🙂

    1. I’m glad this helped you. Comments are great and wonderful but not always going to come and they certainly don’t compare to page views.

  15. This post sure got a lot of comments! Lol! Comments are nice, but they are definitely not a sign of success. I’ve learned recently that you’ll get more comments if you make people angry, than if you uplift and inspire them. So, no comments is a good thing! Haha!

    1. Very true! i agree you can easily get comments by being controversial or fake or not nice. 🙂 Comments are good but don’t determine our blogs worth!

  16. I guess what’s important to remember is that only bloggers comment! Probably because we believe in good karma or simply creating backlinks. (I still feel stumped when people give suggestions like “the comments should be meaningful”… seriously? put all that thought into a comment??)

    But the BULK of our readers are non-bloggers who don’t comment. If they like the post, they’ll simply like or share- which is actually better than dropping a line- isn’t it?

  17. I’ll bear this in mind of no one ever comments on my new blog!
    You’re right though, you’ll never be able to measure your success as a blogger, as you won’t always know in what ways you’ve affected people who read your work.

    1. I agree…I was in the car coming out of the doctors and met a lady who just loves my blog and I never met her before or knew she was a regular reader! So Amazing!

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