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Why Blog Comments Don’t Matter

Well today I was thinking about blog comments. Every blogger loves blog comments. Comments are often a sign of appreciation for the effort we put in to writing a post, the pictures we share or a way for our followers to engage with us. They can also be a way for trolls to write nasty comments and a method for spammers to try and get free links to our blogs, but generally a comment will make me happy and with that comes a feeling of satisfaction.

blog comments

When I first started blogging I got lots of comments. In particular when I felt well enough to join linkys. I’d comment on blogs and in return others would comment back. This is a great way to meet other bloggers and comment on one another’s posts. However as I cut back on this (due to feeling too unwell) my comments slipped.

I still get comments from those who love my blog and when I write an amazing piece. For example my blog post standing up to abuse which got over 99 comments. That was great! However some posts get zero or just one comment.

However the truth is most of my comments come to me on social media. I will get tons of people compliment me on a post, thank me or say they love my blog. I’ll get retweets on twitter and private messages and all these combined are huge.

The reality is many of my best blog posts in terms of page views often have the least comments.

Now I did even consider removing the comment option from my blog and simply asking people to comment via social media. However after consideration I felt it would be best to keep both options available. After all I do appreciate the comments that I get on the Daysinbed blog.

I’ve had a few conversations and I’m not the only blogger to have this experience. In fact I was speaking to a top pro blogger who told me that her friend has thousands of views a day yet no comments.

I guess my blog is similar. I can get a lot of views with not one comment. My most recent Adrenal post got over 3500 views in 24 hours and not one comment. However the best comments came personally via social media. I was thanked and told the information I share is invaluable. I was contacted by 3 mothers who have all lost their children to Adrenal Insufficiency and then many people shared my posts on social media.

I guess the point is you don’t have to have a comment on your blog post for it to be a success. You don’t have to have regular comments each week. People will still come and read the blog if you create good content and engagement may just happen in other ways.

So with that said, Please do comment if you have time and if not, I wont be upset because the fact I got a page view from you today has put a smile on my face.