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Blog Better Edit How I Manage My Emails

manage emails

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Blog Better Edit How I Manage My Emails

Well, It’s lovely to be back with the second edition of my blog better Edit. My second week on the new blog has gone really well. In terms of page views I’m almost at 30,000 views on The Inspiration Edit so I’m super happy. I’m on track and happy with the progress.

manage emails

Today on Facebook Live I talked about the projects I have worked on this week and then I gave a run down of how I manage my emails with different folders and how it helps me to be way more productive.

So if you want to hear about our week and how I manage my inbox why not have a read. It could be really useful. You can read more useful blogging advice in my blog better category.

Angela x


  1. These are some really good tips as I find my emails are fairly disorganised and also I have had issues with my emails lately with things not getting sent and received (glitch in provider) which caused some chaos

    Laura x

  2. My emails are a total mess so I will defiantly be taking these tips on board. I’m in the process of doing my blog up and making it better so I will keep popping back for some more helpful tips.

    1. Thats awesome. 🙂 I found by having folders it really helps and I don’t have to make lists anymore as its all in one place.

  3. 30,000 views? That is incredible, I would love to know your tips on how to increase your page views? I am thinking of migrating to WordPress which should help. Is yours hosted on WordPress?

    1. Yes I’m with WordPress. I think it’s a combination of things but good SEO and Pinterest are great too. I will have to write a blog post on what I do at some point.

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