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The Blog Better Edit Writing Two Blogs

Well this week has been super busy, I went to a blog event The NutmegSS17 Event in London and being the person I am with Chronic Exhaustion, it set me back a little with my blog schedule. However after a few days resting I’m here writing the Blog Better Edit for this week and boy has it been an interesting week.

blog better edit

So I decided not to do a face book live post today and simply share here on the blog. So here is my week in a nutshell.

On Monday I wrote a post on Keeping A Positive Attitude Through Hard Times. The post went really well and had a good number of views. It can be really easy to be positive an upbeat when all is going well but when difficulties come and trust me they will, it is a whole different ball game.

On Tuesday I shared a post about my Gastric Bypass and where I am at. I am no longer focussing on weight loss but on getting good nutrition and replenishing my vitamin and nutrient levels. Sometimes the focus needs to shift and for me I need to concentrate on those things.

On Wednesday and Thursday I went to London for the NutmegSS17 Event and I’ve written a post on this.

On Thursday my Children’s Christmas Gift Guide came out. It is full of lots of fantastic ideas for gifts. Why not take a look and let me know what your favourite item is.

Stocking Fillers

I also wrote a great post this week on 8 ways to De-stress when your a busy Mum.

busy mum

This week we reviewed Three items, The Disney Moana glasses at SpecSavers, A Denim Jacket and the new Shopkins Chef club movie. Sylvia hosted a Party on Friday and baked buns. She shared out gifts she had received from Shopkins and had a fantastic time.

Disney Moana Glasses

I got an email from the Spec Savers PR team asking to use images of Sylvia in two Optometry magazines. Of course we agreed and I’m looking forward to seeing these.

And…… I decided to keep my old blog Days In Bed! Yes I know….. I have written a post explaining this which comes out tomorrow. I love my new blog The Inspiration edit and plan to build this up with a family oriented and parenting focus.

We now have categories covering Inspirational messages, Lifestyle (Including my gastric bypass journey), Fun with kids, Sylvia’s style, Family and home, Interiors, a dogs life and living on a budget. These are the areas I want to focus this blog on and I have signed The Inspiration Edit up to the Tots100 Ranking boards.

Over on the Days In Bed Blog (Health Magazine) I will be sharing content on Health. The posts wont be as regular as on here- my main blog but the categories will be Healthy lifestyle, Healthy Kids, Healthy Home and Health Stories.

I will be sharing my own health stories and featuring others stories of living with health conditions. If you would like to guest post over on Days In Bed, I’d love you to contact me. I’ve been using some new software including a word count tool which is helping make life easier as a blogger. 

I don’t know how well things will go with two blogs but I am going to try it out for a good three months and then reevaluate. I am excited and going to aim for the stars!

So here are my posts over on Days In Bed from this week.

Have a fab week and do enjoy reading my posts.

Angela x

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