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Well hi there and welcome to the very first Blog Better Edit. Since starting The Inspiration Edit a week ago, I’ve been working like a busy bee to get things moving along. I’ve transferred content and created redirections, made a new content plan and am really looking forward to putting everything into action.

blog better edit week one

I’ll be starting a new weekly series here on the blog called The BlogΒ Better Edit where I will be going Live on Facebook once a week to give an account of my week as a blogger. I’m hoping by doing this I will be able to reflect on my progress and goals as a blogger whilst sharing these with my audience. This will also give insight into life as a blogger.

I will be embedding my weekly Blog Better Edit here on the blog for you to catch up on. So here goes. I hope you enjoy this new series.

Although my DA is back at 1, my page views are picking up each day, which is fantastic. I started out with 5 views on day 1 and it’s grown each day. At the end of the first week I was at 2,500 views per day so my views are going back up steadily and I’m really happy with that.


I have had two opportunities cancelled due to rebranding but others have come along and I’m happy with the pace so far. Things are going great and my goal is to be at the same level I was at with my previous blog Days In Bed by January next year. πŸ™‚

I can do this!

Angela xx

The Blog Better Edit Week One