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The Blog Better Edit – Creating A Fantastic Media Kit

When I first started blogging I had no idea how to work with PR and Brands. The past 22 months has been a bit of a whirlwind of learning and a real experience for me and I’d like to share a little of what I’ve learned.

media kit

I first focussed on building good quality content and building my social media followings, something I continue to work on.

I’ve read “content is King” and it’s true. The better quality the content I write or produce the more it is shared on social media and that’s really important to me as a blogger to bring readers to the blog.

After many months, as my blog grew and my Domain Authority grew I began to receive emails from PR companies. I would be offered some great opportunities and some not so great ones. The one thing most PR wanted to know was my social reach and how many followers and unique monthly visitors I had on different social media platforms.

I soon learnt the importance of having a MEDIA KIT. A media kit is simply a document which shares stats such as social reach, page views, examples of your past collaborations and if you choose your rates and fees for different blogging tasks.

I created my first media kit after about 8 months as a blogger, and sometimes I was asked for this. Other times I was not asked. However I am usually asked for certain stats. Having a document or URL link you can refer to not only saves time but it also makes life easier for the PR who wish to work with you.

However  a few months ago, I decided to delete my Media Kit. I got a little fed up with it. You see, social media following grows, ranks and stats go up and down and updating a media pack which I needed to upload to the blog over and over became a headache.

Furthermore I began questioning whether I wanted to display my fees on a media kit. If you have a set fee, it may put off some PR from approaching you or you may end up collaborating on a project where there is a higher budget and you could have been offered more.

I decided after removing my Media Kit that I will negotiate all collaborations and blog earning opportunities individually. This has benefited me financially.

However, I still need a media kit and the reality is, I am still  asked about social reach and social media by PR and a media kit is an automated solution and big time saver.

So, today I signed up to Zine Me a free app which monitors social media following, shares engagement rates and past collaborations as an online Media Kit. I didn’t even know this existed until Karen from My Winter and Jonah shared how easy the site was to use.


Signing up to Zine is free and took half an hour to connect my social media platforms and URL’s to some of my past blog collaborations. I think the media Kit looks fantastic and it shares some vital stats and visuals from your social media. For example the Instagram account shares my following and engagement rate.


The only part the Zine Media kit does not share is my Klout score but that does not matter to me as I usually share my Klout on my side bar anyway. There is also an option to add google analytics to show more information such as my Unique monthly visitors, page views and bounce rate etc.

I know my monthly page views and I plan to include that on my Work With Me page so The Zine media kit covers everything else I need. I love the fact the media kit shares Facebook stats, engagement and reach. I find this really useful.


So now I have a lovely new Media Kit which will update automatically as my social media platforms grows further and it will show me my engagement with the click of a button. This is going to be really useful for me and a quick and easy method for sharing stats with PR and monitoring my Instagram and Facebook engagement super fast.

What do yout think of the Zine Media Kit? I think it’s pretty useful.

Angela x

I have since created my own Media Kit which is more accurate. You can visit it here!

Angela’s media Kit