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Blog Better and Just be Yourself

Before I knew much about blogging, (not that I’m an expert) I simply blogged to share my experiences. After joining social media my blog exploded!

I started getting views and life has dramatically changed. I now blog full time and hope to eventually get a full time income. (That will come eventually).

Now had I been a little wiser and read up more on blogging before I started I may have learnt some things earlier that I have discovered on my journey

I don’t think learning as you go is a bad thing, in fact as a teacher we were encouraged by our University lecturers to reflect in PRAXIS. This simply meant develop and improve and critically reflect on ways to improve our teaching skills as we taught. In the every day world it’s called professional development.

Now that i’m a blogger this skill is very transferable and highly relevant. Each week I take a few minutes to reflect on what I’d like to do a little better. I write down the things I’d like to learn more about and being aware of this, I look out for ways to improve and or develop new skills as a blogger.

For example, I’m really not experienced with Instagram. Many of my blogging friends have beautiful perfect looking pictures. Mine however are simply everyday shots of our life and in no way high quality.

So I decided I wanted to improve at Instagram. Although I thought I needed to improve the quality of my pictures I soon realised this is not my “cup of tea” as the English might say. I don’t have the artistic, Instagram, photographic flare -yet!

The question I needed to ask myself was would this affect my ability to build a genuine following on Instagram? I realised the answer is No! My blog is about my life, my Daysinbed, my days out of bed. My life is not perfect! I cannot depict my life on Instagram as perfect when we are simply everyday normal people.

So I decided it’s okay to have everyday pictures on Instagram. My goal would not be to improve quality but to Instagram at least once a day, “real pictures” of our “real life”.

Those who like them will like them and those who don’t well, they can move on to the next page. It’s okay.

I also had a similar feeing when it came to my “feature images” for my blog! I attended a class at Britmums about improving photographic images. We were taught one method for adding text to a picture and you know what, I tried it and it did not work for me. It looked dumb!

Again I realised that my blog is unique because I create different pictures in different styles for every post! And again, those that like it will like it and those who want a perfect visual can again move on to another page.

So a lesson I learned after becoming a blogger is to be myself. Take photos in my way, design my way, advertise my way, create images my way.

If I tried to be perfect in an area or do what others wanted then I’d just look fake. Not to say I can’t improve and I’m sure I will with time but rather than focus on perfect images and graphics, I will focus on being me. As a blogger I am versatile and different from one day to another so that’s how I’ll continue to blog.

Blogging can be really fun but if you don’t do it in a way you enjoy, it can become a job, the fun is gone and you could be left wondering why you are blogging. I guess the lesson to be learnt here is to be true to yourself as you blog and as you improve.

Angela Milnes