Blackcurrant Berocca A New Pick Me Up

blackcurrant berocca

Blackcurrant Berocca A New Pick Me Up

The Christmas holidays are over and my daughter is back to school on Monday. Everything will be back in full swing and I am going to need as much energy as I can get. Thankfully Berocca have sent me their new product Blackcurrant Berocca to test out. It’s perfect timing really and Blackcurrant happens to be one of my favourite flavour drinks so I was really keen to try this out.

blackcurrant berocca

I tested out the Orange flavoured Berocca back in August when we went to Disneyland and the Berocca brand also stock Mixed Berry, Mango and Tropical flavours. The Blackcurrant Flavour is a brand new flavour which is going to be released this month and after tasting it I am really excited.

blackcurrant berocca

So I’ve been trying out the Blackcurrant Berocca now for the past three days and I can say I absolutely love it. This has to be my number one flavour and I’m so glad it has been added to the Berocca range. The effervescent tablet is full of goodness, including eight B vitamins including B1, B2 and B12. If you follow my health journey on The Inspiration Edit you may know that I suffer from severe fatigue. I have to have vitamin B12 injections every 3 months and Iron infusions. Having one Berocca each day has really helped me this week to feel a little more energetic and I really needed it as my husband has been working in London and I have been solo parenting.

blackcurrant berocca

Berocca is a great way to get more natural energy and even has vitamins that help support mental performance as well as fighting tiredness. I really do love this new flavour and am looking forward to picking up more of the Blackcurrant Berocca when it comes out in store.

blackcurrant berocca

I am aware that a small number of my readers, here on The Inspiration Edit, can not drink fizzy drinks any more due to having bariatric surgery. Well the good news is that Berocca also has easy to swallow tablets which release natural energy and provides the same nutrition as the effervescent tablets.

blackcurrant berocca

I really do like the new blackcurrant flavour and genuinely like it more than any of the other flavours. It does give me a pick me up feeling and helps me feel more energised. Why not try it yourself.

Angela x

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  1. Yum, this does sound like a tasty flavor. I would give it a try. I’m always a fan of things that can help me feel energized.

  2. It is great they are starting to make supplements that taste good and I love the fact it also comes in a tablet as I have to admit I’m not good at drinking things like this at all.

    1. Yes some don’t like fizzy drinks like this so the tablet option is good for them. I like the Blackcurrant though. It does taste nice.

    1. It’s not a medication just a food supplement so you don’t need to speak to a GP about them but you can if you want I guess.

  3. I am so pleased to hear that they have tablets as well as I can’t have too much fizzy due to my stomach and acid reflux. I like the sound of the blackcurrant flavour it sounds lovely, much nicer than the orange one, although the orange one is quite nice too !

  4. I’ve tried Berocca before but it’s the orange flavor I’ve tried. I bet I’ll also like this black currant flavor.

  5. This looks very interesting as a product. I will have to show this to my dad. Since his heart surgery he has struggled with his energy. And so he could use something for a pick me up.

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