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What To Get My Husband For His Birthday

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What To Get My Husband For His Birthday

*Collaborative Post Well yesterday was my husbands birthday and we had a really lovely BBQ outside. I was well enough to make a salad and it looked and tasted really awesome. To be honest, this was the first salad I have made in a while and it was delicious.

Most of the days events went well apart from when we got home to discover Casper the little monkey and possibly Yoda has attacked the birthday cake. John was not impressed.

However we didn’t let the naughty dog behaviour ruin our day and we actually really enjoyed the sunny afternoon and the tasty BBQ meal. In the lead up to John’s birthday I was struggling to figure out what to buy him as a gift.

My husband is quite geeky and loves gadgets, computers and photography. I wasn’t going to buy any more photography gear as he has plenty of that for now so I started to think about what I could do to improve his office.

parker pen for men

I thought about a new parker pen, purchasing a new and stylish office chair for when John is designing and even thought about updating his computer. In the end John’s Sci-Fi geekiness won and he kind of chose what he wanted.

He wanted the new Rogue One movie and some more star wars action figures. He is collecting the figures and only has two more to go. So that’s what he got, along with a half eaten and attacked cake from Asda.

rogue one


I’d still like to get John a new chair for his desk at some point and even one day upgrade the desk. That would be fantastic and is something that I can add to our list of products or items to review in future.

I really do like making improvements and blogging has opened up a world of opportunities to do so.

Vitra Desk

Well John was super pleased with his birthday gifts. He loved the movie and after the BBQ watched Rogue One with Sylvia.

I went for a nap as I’ve been unwell lately with my Adrenal health issues but all in all things went well. We had a good day and John had a great day. I don’t think he wanted it to end.

Now I have a whole list of ideas up my sleeve for Fathers Day and will have to keep my eye out for any opportunity to review a men’s parker pen or new office furniture.

Although, if I had the opportunity to review a desk, I might just review one for myself instead. I quite like the Vitra Desk by Skandium, that is pretty stylish. We shall see what happens in the coming months.

Angela x

*Collaborative post. 

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