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The Big Bolton Pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk


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The Big Bolton Pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk

On Tuesday my family had the opportunity to attend The Big Bolton Pantomime, Jack and the Beanstalk hosted in the Premiere Suite at the Bolton Macron Football Stadium. We had a wonderful evening and plenty of fun.

We collected our tickets at the Bolton Whites Hotel and walked around to the Premiere Suite. The show began with the Introduction of the Cabbage Patch fairy played by Chelsea Halfpenny from BBC’s Casualty. The Cabbage Patch fairy introduced us to a number of interesting characters. Jack and Princess Jill, Dame Dolly Dumpling, Baron Von Tightwad and Silly Billy.

We loved the show. There were some really funny scenes which had me, Sylvia and my husband John in stitches. We especially liked Dame Dolly Dumpling and Mirfin the dim wit played by the Patton Brothers.


There were some fantastic little songs sung and we especially liked the part when a large sack came down from the ceiling each time the brothers sung in a high voice, this was very entertaining. It was fantastic and all the kids were shouting and interacting throughout the show.


Jack and the Beanstalk was fun to watch, full of jokes and funny catchphrases. I loved Silly Billy played by Tam Ryan. He did a fantastic job especially in the second half of the show.

Another fantastic part of the Pantomime was the fabulous dancers from Dawsons Dance Academy. They performed some brilliant sequences in fantastic costumes and were fun to watch.

This was a truly traditional pantomime and the show had a female act for Jack (Rochelle Ayris) and a male actor for the dame. There was a lot of opportunity for traditional audience participation with the “oh no he isn’t”, “oh yes he is” scenarios, shouting “he’s behind you” and lots of booing when the evil Baron Von tightwad came on stage.

We throughly enjoyed the show. I particularly loved that the show was set up with plenty of spaces at the front for special needs and disabled children so they could really enjoy the Pantomime. This really touched me as my own brother is special needs and so I came away with the impression the Pantomime company really do care about others.

At the end of the show, the children were able to meet the actors and get their Pantomime programs signed and that was really fabulous! We enjoyed the show and would certainly recommend it to anyone living in the North West.



  1. I’ve not been to panto for years, and wanted to take N this year. But many of them round by us are too old for 4 year olds, and the only one suitable is so expensive because kids pay adults price too. Maybe next year.

    It’s great this one meant you could meet the actors afterwards

    1. I think the ones we went to would have been great for a 4 year old but maybe my daughter is the perfect age for this one! It was brilliant and she loved it! Maybe next year will be great for your child when N is older?

  2. Oh it looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time and great that the kids got to meet the actors once the panto had finished. I’m taking my eldest to see Peter Pan at the theatre next weekend and am so excited, hope it’s half as fun as yours was! xx

  3. Sounds brilliant, love the photos of the show we have a pantomine booked for Christmas Eve and I can’t wait. I love the fact you could meet the cast afterwards and get your programmes signed! Xx

  4. I love a good pantomime at Christmas! Jack and the beanstalk is one of my favorites. I’m glad you guys enjoyed it and how lovely getting to meet the actors at the end of the show 🙂 xx

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