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Bichon Love A Child And Her Dog

This weeks Photo of the week is of my daughter Sylvia and her Bichon Yoda. Yoda was our first dog and came to us at 7 weeks. He recently had his shabby hair removed and looks and smells gorgeous again!

bichon dog

Yoda was born in October 2014 and so he is 18 months old. He is at times a real monkey, getting into things, finding toys to chew and ripping up toilet paper. At other times he can be a darling and we love him to bits!

Yoda is adorable and  love him so much. He does have a little anxiety after being attacked last year and he can get upset when left on his own which is why it’s great that he now has a sibling Bichon called Casper. Casper is a lot older, 5 in July I think, I’ll have to check his papers. Casper came from a home where he was mistreated quite a lot and is very timid and submissive and again can get anxious when there is no adult int he home.

Luckily, I am home almost all the time so our dogs always have company and when I’m not home, they have each other, although they will get up to mischief!

Yoda and Casper have a good relationship. They love running up and down stairs together and my daughter absolutely adores both her dogs. She loves them to bits and they go crazy with excitement when Sylvia comes home from school and she does spend a lot of time playing with her bichons.

Well I hope you like the photo.

Angela x

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