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Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise Portrait Two

Welcome to my second Bichon Frise Portrait. A few weeks ago I was thinking about Yoda and Casper our dogs and how I love to take photographs of them and the thought came to me, why not do one photo a week and share it on the blog. I can’t believe i never thought of this any earlier.

Our dogs are doing well. Yoda is 100 percent healed from his attack just before Christmas and is almost his old self. He and Casper are both piggies. They sit and stare at you with their beautiful big eyes when your eating as if to say, “please share” but they are stuck on dog biscuits at the moment.

We do give Yoda and Casper little treats and rewards for their good behaviour and for listening and being obedient and they are getting better. Yoda is far less bored too now he has a brother and they play and fight and sleep and even go to the toilet in the garden together.

The one thing the dogs love more than anything else is Chicken. You say Chicken and the both come running. Bichon Frise dogs are really quite intelligent and they can be very smart and cheeky. These dogs make our home even happier and bring joy to our lives.

What do you think of this portrait?

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Do you have a pet you love or a dog who brings joy to your life? 

Angela x

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