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Bichon Frise Portrait Four

Today we have Casper on the blog for our fourth portrait of the year. Casper is a lovely four year old Bichon. When we adopted Casper we were told he had had a rough life being bullied by another large dog in the home and he was rather submissive and sad. We have shown Casper  lots of love and he has slowly grown to be more confident and happy.

Bichon Frise Dog

Casper is so used to us now and it’s as if he has always been living with us.

Casper loves to snuggle and have cuddles. He is really obedient. (More than Yoda) and he has a hidden talent! Yes I was singing when Casper joined in. We found it so funny and could not stop laughing. Now everyday we have a singing session, me and Casper. Yoda looks at us as if to say what the heck are you doing but Casper loves it and we sing together often.

I never expected to find a dog who can sing but Casper is the Dog! He is awesome and we love to sing together! I will have to make a video to share on Youtube as he is so adorable.

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