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Bichon Frise Dog Life Two

Bichon Frise Life Two

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Welcome back to Yoda’s Bichon Frise Dog antics. This week he has been full of beans and getting into everything as per usual. He is almost ready to have his first grooming session. I wonder if he’ll like it?

We hope you enjoy following his life Journey on the blog

Bichon Frise Dog Out and About

Yoda has been on a few walks this week with John and Sylvia. We finally got the garden fence rebuilt and once again he has free reign to wonder in and out. This has been fab and he has enjoyed digging in the grass, chasing the ball and getting all dirty and muddy.

Yoda met Kim the guide dog this week. It didn’t go too well. They did not get along.

Yoda is doing much better with his doggy friend Pepper! We have been slowly introducing them to one another over the past month and they have become good buddies.

bichon frise dog life

Bichon Frise Toy Of The Week

This week Yoda got a new toy from Wilko’s. It really is a strange little object but he really enjoyed getting his teeth into it and playing tug of war.

Another great toy and Yoda gives it a PAWS UP! (As seen as he has no thumbs) lol.

bichon frise toy

Caught in the Act

This week Yoda was caught sticking his head into the dog biscuits! We snapped him but didn’t quite get the evidence we were hoping for. Here is the next best thing!


Yoda’s Funny Photo

A message to the trolls who send this blog silly messages.


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  1. Hi Angela, I hope Yoda enjoys his first grooming session too. We used to send our first dog to the groomers and she would always come back acting as if she was the bees knees! Dogs are opportunists! We store the dog biscuits in plastics bins now to stop them helping themselves.

    Good chewing toys are hard to find and that one looks the business!


    1. Thanks Debbie. 🙂 Plastic bins are a great idea! I’ve done child proofing..now it’s time to puppy proof everything. We bought a new gate this week to make sure he does not go in our room without supervision due to some chewing incidents! Thanks so much for reading. Angela xx

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