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Bichon Frise Life Twelve


Bichon Frise Life Twelve

Welcome back to another post on Yoda the Bichon Frise. Well the past two weeks have gone by very fast. His last post did particularly well. He has loved wearing his jumper and continues to wear it.

Last week Yoda had a case of the Fleas. (His first time) Yes, if we are going to share his life story, we are going to have to share the good, the bad and the ugly.

We tried flea ointment a number of times and it really didn’t work, so then we moved on to flea shampoo. I think this did the trick but we shall see in a day or two whether we have got rid of the pests. Does anyone have any recommendations? It’s a new experience for us and Yoda and made him very itchy!

Anyway, Yoda had a shower with his new flea shampoo and we took some pictures. He did not like showers as a younger puppy and will still avoid them but now he is more obedient and sits while he is washed. In fact Yoda is becoming more obedient in general. He would never go into his crate when asked but now he does. We only use a crate when we go out, such as a visit to the doctors etc. If we open the door and say crate and point, he will walk in without kicking up any kind of fight. He is a stubborn Bichon Frise dog but he’s finally learning. At Last!

So here are the picture of Yoda in the nude (he’s always in the nude lol) I just had to say it.

Bichon Frise in Shower

Bichon Frise

bichon frise in shower

After his showers, Yoda is dried using a hair dryer. John brushes him with his comb and then Yoda always comes to me, as if to say, (he has been mean- making me shower and I’m going to ignore John now). He snuggles on the bed and loves to just sit and chill out. I think showers and grooming in general does like with a baby make him tired.

Bichon Frise
Bichon Frise Puppy

Bichon Frise

So Yoda is looking lovely and I’m really pleased with his good behaviour. This doesn’t mean to say he does not have his moments. I’m still catching him up to his tricks, chewing things and trying to get on the dinner table which he knows is not allowed.

We have also been making more mini movies of Yoda, so if you want to see him in action doing typical Bichon dog  things, please do pop over to MY YOUTUBE PAGE. I will improve my movie skills with time.

Well I’ll end with some fabulous news. Yoda is turning one years old at the end of the month and we are having a PAWTY! Yes we are having a little dog party for Yoda and some of his dog buddies. It is going to be sponsored by a dog company and all the guests will get a real “doggy bag” to take home. I won’t spoil the surprise though and will let you know more in the next edition of Yoda’s Antics.

The party is on the 24th October- Exciting!

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  1. Oooh Yoda fleas are nasty. Hope the shampoo did the trick. Bessie our older girl caught some a few years ago and they left her skin in very bad condition as she had an allergic reaction to them. Sadly she never recovered her glossy coat and her skin is still flaky 8 (yes 8!) years on. The only thing that got rid of them for her was intense treatment and a full spray of everything in the house and a boil wash of all bedding. We treated it room by room then left for the weekend. We have since used frontline or an equivalent strength spot on and have, touch wood, never had a recurrence.

    1. Yep! The shampoo didn’t work so we paid a visit to the vet and bought a very expensive flea killing tablet and spray for the whole house! We did the downstairs last night and the upstairs today! Hope it works…. It should last some time!

  2. The idea of fleas really puts me off getting a dog, it’s a shame that Yoda got them and you had to try loads to get rid of them. Yoda doesn’t look too pleased to be in the shower, his face looks like he’s saying “why are you taking photos of me whilst I’m cold and wet?” #AnimalTales

  3. both the cat and dog have had fleas just the once, not long after our move to Dubai, however we do have to keep out a very close eye for ticks and have always managed to catch them at the beginning before they’ve had a chance to burrow. Bob is too big to bath/shower indoors, and hates the house pipe, but at least now he’ll stand still for me to wash him after a trip to the lakes. We go to a lot of dog socialising groups which are at peoples houses as dogs aren’t liked here in the way we’d like, which tends to involve dog parties with human treats and wine

    1. Oh we have got it sorted thank goodness! He is now Flea free. It cost money but this is hopefully the first and last time for Yoda! 🙂 He is back to being his normal self. I would have never even thought of doing a birthday party but it seems a fun thing for Yoda and my daughter and a nice chance to meet up with his dog friends. I understand what you mean about Dogs in dubai!

      Angela x

  4. Hi Angela, Yoda does look the spitting image of our first dog and she was a character! Although I can never remember her coming up so clean and fluffy.

    Alphie, one of our little Yorkies, is easy to wash and primp. He’ll stand there and let me do anything to him (with a little bribery in the form of grated cheese!), but as soon as I’m done he goes mad rubbing and rolling himself allover the place and often ends up looking tattier than when I started.

    Look forward to reading about his party.


    1. Oh… how cute! yoda loves grated cheese too! lol He is a monkey and we love him but yes he can get right dirty when he goes int he field or to the lake. Angela x

  5. Yoda, you are such a good boy in the shower. Saari absolutely detests any form of bathing and you have a right battle on your hands as she is so big. There is just no way we could get her in the shower for fear of her injuring herself in an attempt to escape. Lovely washer day tale to add to #AnimalTales

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