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Bichon Frise Life Thirteen Welcome Casper

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Bichon Frise Life Thirteen Welcome Casper

Well it’s been almost a month since I wrote about Yoda our Bichon Frise and a lot has happened in the past few weeks. Yoda was minding his own business walking home from the school run with my husband John when he was attacked. He was rushed to the emergency vet and luckily they dealt with his wounds quickly.

The vet said that Yoda’s leg had only been torn in the skin are and not reached the muscle so we were really pleased. After two weeks of wearing the cone of shame, we were able to have Yoda’s stitches taken out and he is starting to get back to normal. Sylvia has been looking after him well.


However, two weeks ago we gained a new family member called Casper. Casper is 4 years old and was needing a new permanent home. We had been talking for some weeks about finding a companion for Yoda and we felt it would be best to get an older dog, one who was all ready trained, able to show Yoda a thing or two about good behaviour (lol) and one who had all ready had his injections and the snip.

We could not afford a puppy and to be honest, there are so many dogs out there needing homes we wanted to adopt a dog in need. We also wanted Yoda to have someone to keep him busy and play with as he had been quite bored at times.

So along came Casper. He is an amazing friendly and lovely dog. We have fallen in love with him. Casper will listen when we tell him to stay and will come when we call him. He likes cuddles and to lay next to us for company and he just seems really happy.

Yoda was a little surprised to meet Casper and to be honest, Yoda has been a little miffed. He thinks he is the leader and as he was here first he kind of is the boss in a way even though Casper is older. Casper has a talent for stealing Yoda’s food and Yoda has a habit of jumping on Caspers back to say, hey I’m the boss!

At the end of the day, both dogs are really happy. They play together, sleep together and eat together. They blitz together and are just really happy. It’s lovely to have a new family member. Yes,  I would love to have one more child in the long term future but for now our family is complete.

Our family is really happy and Sylvia did not know Casper was joining us. We made a video of her meeting him for the first time and it is a great one! you’ll enjoy it.

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  1. Aw say hello to Casper and Yoda for me how adorable. I like what you said about choosing a dog and not a puppy because there are so many dogs out there waiting for a forever home.

    1. I know… the poor dog. He didn’t like his cone but luckily its now gone and now the wound has healed, we can take him for a groom as its been a long time!

  2. am a not really an animal person but there is something cute about dogs. Glad they are enjoying each others company now x

  3. Awww poor Yoda šŸ™ I hope he fully recovers from being attacked soon!
    Casper is SO cute, they’re both so cute. Well done on rescuing Casper and giving him a lovely home. I’m glad they get along, bless them. Your daughters reaction is adorable! Awww. xx

  4. How cute is Sylvia’s reaction? She is definitely excited! I love the fact you adopted rather than going for a puppy. So many lovely dogs need new homes! I hope you enjoy your complete family until you feel time and health are ready for a last addition! xx

    1. Oh he has been recovering well and his leg has nearly healed the poor sausage. It wasn’t nice. Sometimes dogs need to be re-homed luckily my hubby has a lot of experience with dogs so he does the walking and training of yoda etc and i just learnt as we went.

  5. Yoda and Casper are so gorgeous! I’m glad that Yoda is better now. I love your pictures of the two of them together and with Sylvia

    1. They are both cute and have different personalities and then they have some similar traits which must be due to both being bichons. I’m glad we picked this breed. We love them both!

  6. Oh I have proper dog envy : ) I long to have a dog but we couldn’t really give a dog a good home at the moment (not enough space and out too often). Love these really cute pictues. How special to have a new member of your family.

    1. Thanks Sarah. I think the fact I’m unwell and bichons are clingy dogs we suit each other as i keep them company a lot. they are doing well together and I’m pleased.

  7. Aww very cute. Poor Yoda good to know he is healing well. I think its a great idea to get a rescue dog over a puppy and he looks adorable, even if he does steal Yoda’s food. šŸ™‚ xx

  8. Awww they look very sweet together! It’s great that Yoda now has friend to play with – even if he was a little miffed to begin with.

    We are dog lovers and my eldest keeps asking when we will get one – thing is currently our life is busy enough without adding a dog into the mix. Although I must admit after seeing cute puppies on The Super Vet last week I really really wanted a puppy!

  9. Hi Angela, I am sorry to hear that Yoda was attacked (something I dread when walking on the beach with the dogs, but luckily never happens). It is wonderful that you’ve given a home to a dog in need and I expect Yoda secretly loves the companionship, even if he is a bit miffed at the moment.


  10. Awwww lovely, I’m so pleased Casper has settled in. Your daughter is adorable and seems like such a wonderful little girl, you must be so proud! šŸ™‚

    Gemma xx

  11. Aw, this is brilliant and Casper looks lovely. It’s great you’ve managed to give a dog in need a new home and got a friend for Casper. I am sure they will have many fabulous adventures together but hopefully no more involving torn legs and the cone of shame!
    Many thanks for introducing Casper to us through #AnimalTales

  12. Aww Yoda and Casper are 2 lovely dogs!! I’m glad that Yoda is doing better and also great that Casper is getting on well with all. Your daughter is just adorable. She was so excited!! Good idea about getting a rescue dog. My daughter keeps asking me for a new dog but that it is not going to happen as we already has a cat and we live in a small flat so there is no space. Maybe some day when we can afford to live in a house with a garden!! šŸ™‚ xx

    1. Sylvia wanted a dog for many years and i made her wait 3 years until I was ready which was the right thing to do with all the responsibility that comes with dog ownership/

  13. What a lovely little family you are šŸ™‚ Casper made it himself right at home didn’t he?! Sylvia’s reaction is brilliant!

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