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Well, it’s been a few weeks since I wrote about Yoda’s week. You see I had more than my fair share of visits to the hospital due to adrenal complications and so I’ve been taken things very slow.

In fact for the next few months, Yoda’s Antics will be written on a fortnightly basis. So here is my latest update.

Out and About

Yoda has had a fab fortnight walking to school, visiting local parks and joining the family on a special picnic to raise awareness for Adrenal Insufficiency. (I’ll be writing a post about this later this week).

Yoda enjoyed walking around the lake and playing fetch with the ball. He really had a lovely day.

I managed to get a Selfie which Yoda Photobombed! (obviously not on purpose) but I could not resist sharing it.

bichon frise life

Toy of the Week

With a change in weather Yoda has been spending more time in the Garden. So I guess the garden is the toy of the week in a metaphorical kind of way.

He has enjoyed running around and doing all the usual puppy antics, barking when someone walks past, marking his territory and playing in the soil patch, leading to black pores and a black face and a much needed bath!

bichon frise life

I love this picture! I can’t believe I managed to get an action picture. His feet are not even touching the ground! I think I’ll be using this for my shot of the week on Sunday!

Caught in the Act

This week I caught Yoda running down the stairs and I could not believe it!

Yoda could climb the stairs from a young age but he’s been unable to go back down. In fact Yoda was so scared he refused to try and for months he has sat at the top waiting for someone to carry him down.

We have a strange set of stairs with 2 half landings. We started off with John carrying Yoda to the bottom half landing and teaching him to go down the bottom four steps.

After a few weeks we taught him to go from the second half landing. We have patiently waited for him to master the top of the stairs however he has been very reluctant to even try.

So, last week when Yoda’s doggy friend Pepper arrived, I opened the front door, Pepper and his owner walked in.

The next thing we know, Yoda who was upstairs came running down the stairs and jumping around in excitement. I could not believe my eyes. He finally did it. After that he was no longer scared.

bichon frise life

He is developing his independence and is free to roam up and down. Yoda is making huge progress in so many areas. He has finally mastered going to the toilet and is becoming more and more obedient. 

It has taken a little longer than usual but he is finally getting there. His hair is growing back quickly. Yoda Poda pudding in pie will be having his second groom in two weeks. How exciting.

Yoda’s Weekly Photo

Well last week I was excited to receive 4 designs from a “Cartoon/Graphics” designer. I wanted a picture to use as the “feature/cover photo” for  “Yoda’s Antics”.

Two of the designs were more cartoon style whereas two were a little more lifelike. I thought I’d share them all as they were all fantastic!

Which Design do you like the best? I’d love to know!

Angela x

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