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Bichon Frise Life Four

Bichon Frise Life Four

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Welcome to Yoda’s Bichon Frise Life Four. I can’t believe my Doggy Baby is turning 7 months this week. He is growing so fast and my love for him is only getting stronger. He is a real monkey at times but a good loyal companion when I’m unwell and in need of a friend.

Out and About

This week Yoda has not gone very far. He has been out for daily walks to collect Sylvia from School and yesterday he met (for the first time) another Bichon Frise. How did he respond?

With a lot of growling and haughtiness. He seems to have a bit of an “I’m the best dog in town” complex- maybe his good friend Pepper needs to visit to knock him back down a peg or two!

I am still struggling to get used to Yoda’s “new look” after last weeks visit to the salon. When he had a shower this week (cos we don’t own a bath) his hair was so curly and different afterward. His adult coat is finally here! Goodbye baby fluff!

Dog Toy of the Week

Well before we got Yoda I could not stand McDonalds’s toys! Every now and again, Sylvia will get treated to a Happy Meal on “Free Fruit Friday” She chooses the healthier options,  fish fingers with milk, carrot sticks, and fruit. She loves it!

I don’t know how it happened but Sylvia gave Yoda the Toy she got last week and he has not stopped playing with it.

I had no idea which movie it was from, (I don’t always pay attention) but after reading “Slouching Towards Thatcham’s” post about his visit to the cinema. I recognised Yoda’s alien as a character in the trailer “HOME”.

Now I’m intrigued and want to find out the name of the character. Does anyone know?

Caught in the Act

Well Yoda Poda Pudding in Pie has been nipping the girls and making them cry!

Sylvia our 6 year old is still learning how to look after a Puppy. We went to the library to borrow a book on the subject. However she has once or twice played a little too rough and Yoda got carried away.

They are both learning and Yoda has been told off a few times this week!

Tut Tut!

Bichon Frise Life Four

Yoda has had his good moments too! He has been allowed to sit and lay on the bed with me when he is being a good doggy. He really is quite funny. He seems to sleep anywhere and everywhere that he finds comfortable.

We have caught Yoda sleeping in a funniest of places. He has a crate at night however we are a lot more flexible in the day and on Saturday morning, Yoda joined John for a bit of a lay in.

I just had to get a picture. It was so cute! It’s been a great week for Yoda and the family. Hope you enjoy the post.

Angela xx

Yoda’s Weekly Photo

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  1. Aren’t puppies so silly? I’m sure Yoda will learn soon enough how to be a good boy! Good luck with future training!

  2. Yoda is so stinkin’ cute!! He’s adorable with his McDonald’s toy. I have no idea who that is, by the way lol. Does John realize he’s famous now photographed sleeping with Yoda – who is laying in the cutest way!?

    1. I know! We had no idea when we named him..he would become a #dogoftwitter lol but he is doing well and i’m looking for a sponsor for his posts! Hopefully to help with his food and monthly Insurance lol. He makes us happy and we love him to bits..even though i was scared of dogs for 30 years! Not any more. šŸ™‚ Angela x

    1. Thanks Louise! They have been playing nicer today…and I’ve made a new routine for Yoda. Just like kids, Dogs need rules and boundaries and with the crazy week in Milnesville, I understand the silly nonsense that has gone on. Angela x

  3. Very cute! Love the weekly photo. We actually went to see the film Home on Thursday, actually it was pretty good apart from Monkey getting scared at the end when the main character ‘O’ which I am guessing your toy it almost got squished. However I am happy to report in true Disney style everything gets all happy and fixed in the end :). Hope Yoda has a great week xx #HappyDays

    1. Very cool! Yes… I was told Yoda’s toy was the main character- (who turns yellow when angry)- which is why I was having trouble working it out lol! Glad you enjoyed the movie. Angela x

  4. I think having a pet is a great responsibility to teach kids. My little monster terrorize our poor German Shepard Roxy but she never leaves their side. If they are outside then she is outside. At night she roams from room to room laying with everyone in intervals. I love the name Yoda but I have no clue as to who the little toy character you are picturing is. Thanks again for linking up with #momsterslink!

    1. I’ve figured out who the character is.. šŸ™‚ Yoda will be getting some house training soon. I can write about it int he coming weeks.
      Angela x

  5. Oh my goodness what a cutie!! Seeing cute dogs like this makes me want one but I am just too lazy haha! Thanks for joining in with our #HappyDaysLinky x

    1. Hi Katie. Thanks for stopping by! Yoda is a cute Bichon. He can be hard work at times and this week we had a bit of an incident..which I’ll be posting about in the morning. I was not 100% if it was okay to Link up Yoda to your post- but he does have Happy Days and that’s what Yoda’s Antics is all about- (GENERALLY) His happy Days as a Dog. Angela xx

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