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Bichon Frise Life Five

Bichon Frise Life Five

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After some serious consideration, I decided to forgo my usual format for “Yoda’s Antics” this week and discuss our week which went horribly wrong for Yoda- the poor sausage!

Why Microchip Yoda?

Yoda is our first Family dog and John and I decided it was important to go an get him micro-chipped. Microchipping a dog is one of the best ways to increase your pet’s chances of getting home- if they ever become lost.

Unlike dog tags and collars, which can fall off or be removed, microchipping is a more permanent form of identifying a dog. Microchipping Dogs will also become legal in 2016, so we decided it was best to get it over and done with.

So my husband rang the local council who run a chipping scheme and booked an appointment for the chipping.

Unfortunately for me, my husband had to nip out of the house and left Yoda in my capable hands in the lounge.

Everything went wrong!

The lady who came to chip Yoda knocked on the door at the most awkward of times. I was on the toilet. I then had to get downstairs- which is not always easy for me and answer the door.

By the time I got down, the woman appeared a little annoyed. She requested to meet Yoda who had been sleeping and he was not in the slightest interested!

This is in no way normal for Yoda! Usually when someone comes to visit he jumps up and down in excitement.

For example my friend Sandra or Emily my helper. Yoda loves our guests. But on this one occasion he seemed to cower away. He looked unwell or scared or worried.

The lady looked concerned and asked what was wrong. I replied i did not know. it was the truth. She said there was something wrong with our Dog!

We then took Yoda outside. he ran around like a nutter, chasing his tale and being really unusual. He then had sudden loose stools repeatedly and the Microchip Lady said she could not chip him that day!

False Assumptions

My daughter came outside and she picked up my dog to give him a cuddle. My child was immediately told off! The woman demanded my child put our dog down and told my 7 year old that she must never pick Yoda up!

I felt this was a little extreme. I belong to several face book groups and often see pictures of owners cuddling their dogs.

The woman then turned to me and pretty much said we didn’t know how to look after a dog.

She said he was sick and needed to get to the vets. Stated we must not be feeding him properly and that we must not be caring for him. This is not the case.

She also said, why don’t you have any dog toys! I turned around and said we have heaps. They simply were not in her sight! it’s true we have so many “real dog toys” anyone would say he is spoilt!

The woman then suggested I had not done his injections yet. I told her he was all up to date. She looked at me as if I were lying.

The woman left unable to chip Yoda (which was fair enough) but had wrongly Judged our home and our ability to care for Yoda.

Trip to the Emergency Vet’s

Not long after the Microchip lady left (thank goodness) Yoda became more distressed.

I knew something must be wrong but was not sure. My daughter told me the bad news. She had left a drink of HOT CHOCOLATE on the floor and caught Yoda drinking it.

We immediately got help to take Yoda to the Emergency Vet’s. It was a worrying Journey and quite stressful for all of us.

We saw the Vet who gave Yoda an emergency injection to help him vomit and expel all his stomach contents. They then took him and put him in a cage out the back.

We waited for an hour- after which time we were told Yoda had expelled everything from both ends and could now come home with his Charcoal medicine to remove any left over toxins from the body.

Going Black

John and I had to force liquid charcoal into Yoda’s mouth. This was not an easy task. He did not like it. He held Yoda and opened his mouth wide while I squirted the black goo into his mouth.

It went everywhere. All over my clothes, the kitchen floor and all over yoda’s face.

We had to do this 3 times over the next 24 hours. Yoda was much better in the evening but poor Yoda had turned from a white Fluffy dog to a Gray dog. John gave yoda two showers since but he was still gray and looked as if he has been down the coal mines.

Final Thoughts

I didn’t share what had happened to our poor baby dog. Especially after the false assumptions of the Microchip lady. (She even suggested at one point we re-home him). How ridiculous!

The hot chocolate incident was a pure and simple accident and it could have happened to any pet owner. We are not perfect Dog owners and we are learning how to care for Yoda, just as a new mother learns to care for a child. It just happened to take place at the same time that an experienced “dog lover” who had never met Yoda before visited our home.

We feed Yoda well, My hubby and daughter walk him, we play with him and meet all his doggy needs to the best of our ability. He is a happy dog and this is his home. He is a family member and I will not be judged based on one hour of his life! Luckily Yoda is now back to his usual white fluffy self!

Angela xx


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  1. Seems to me like that woman shouldn’t be making house calls anymore! 🙁

    I’m so glad Yoda is okay! What an ordeal for the poor pup (and your family)!! Xx

  2. OMG she sounds like a total b*tch! Had presumptuous and rude of her. Dogs easily sneak things they shouldn’t too, my husband put some grapes on the side to be composted once when ours was a pup, she’s enormous so she can reach the kitchen counters and next time we looked they were all gone. Which meant we needed a similar visit to the vets. Glad Yoda is better now x

    1. Thanks Laura. It was not a good experience but as I share Yod’as life Journey…thought it would be only right to share the good, the bad and the ugly ha ha! Angela xx

  3. Hay don’t worry we are first time bichon parents and its been a education never mind what anyone else thinks as long as you know your doing OK that’s all your puppy needs xx

    1. Thanks Shelly. We’ll just do our best. having a bichon is a real learnign curve and a roller coaster ride in itself. I’ll keep writing about his week and being the best dog owner I can 🙂 Angela x

  4. OH NO!! Where in the world did this “microchip lady” come from? CRAZY! Our Augie is microchipped. It was done by the previous owner in the vet’s office. I’m so glad he is! He has ran out of the house 3 TIMES and because of the chip he was successfully returned each time. He’s a stinker.

    Yoda is SO cute! It’s sad to see him gray. Poor guy. He’s been through the ringer.

    And I still think microchip lady is crazy. 🙂

    My last post is here: http://bit.ly/1HyqyO7
    because Comment Luv is pulling up Pam’s last post. (I finally updated! I told you I’m a slow writer.)

    Thanks for always stopping by. I recently added an easy way to see which author posted on our sidebar I didn’t realize it was so difficult to tell.

    1. Thanks Jessie. It’s nice to hear from you and Yes the woman must be crazy lol. We are taking Yoda to the local vet and will get his microchipping done their instead. Angela xx

  5. Poor Yoda and poor you! I’ve also come across someone who has made ridiculous presumptions about us and our dog and how we care for her. It’s a horrible feeling but it’s quite clear you love Yoda! And sometimes, sh*t just happens! I’m so glad he’s ok – and try not to let her get to you – she sounds BEYOND rude!! #animaltales

    1. Thanks for the reply. Your name “Apparently Awkward” is so fitting for the situation as that’s what it was awkward. Lucky I’ve i’ve been through the hard school of knocks and I don’t get upset so easily these days. I wont take it personal. Just wanted to make it clear we don’t neglect our puppy. Thanks for dropping by Angela x

  6. that woman was part right by saying something was wrong but bloody rude about it and really didn’t have the dogs interests at heart or she’d have been polite and tried to help. Accidents happen and not just with dogs, we’ve caught our dog several times attempting to drink lager when we’ve left the glass on the floor, so don’t feel bad, I’m just pleased to hear yoda is ok now and hope the charcoal come out of everything

    1. She was right by pointing it out- I guess she could have been more tactful. Thankfully Yoda is back to his normal happy chappy self and is feeling as happy as ever! Angela x

    1. lol. That made me giggle. Working for the council she would have been trained in animal abuse or something and just being over zealous. It’s not the first time..probably not be the last someone has jumped to conclusions and made inaccurate assumptions about my family. Good news is my experience has taught me how to deal with it. Angela

  7. Thank goodness he’s OK and you were home and able to take him to the vet. These things happen. It’s how we react that makes all the difference. That microchip lady sounds like a nut. Eek! #animaltales

  8. Hi Angela, how maddening that the woman felt the need to judge you rather than help or advise you! I know she was only looking out for the welfare of Yoda, but I’m sure she could have handled things differently.

    I am so glad to hear that Yoda has made a full recovery and I’m sure it won’t be the last time he eats something he shouldn’t. We actually keep an injection to induce vomiting (prescribed by our vet) for use in an emergency like the dogs eating poison or something (we don’t use poison, but locals often do to control the rodent population). The only time I’ve had to use it was when our newest addition to the family ate a whole bar of chocolate.

    Can you get your dog micro chipped by someone else?


  9. As ChickenRuby said, the lady was right in that Yoda was ill but her way of letting you know was all wrong. We were all new dog owners once and I bet many did not know that chocolate was so poisonous to dogs – she should have helped not come across all bossy.

    Many thanks for adding Yoda and the chocolate incident to #AnimalTales and I am glad to hear Yoda is back to being white again!

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