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Having Your Bichon Frise Dog Groomed

bichon dog and girl

Having Your Bichon Frise Dog Groomed

When John and I were deciding what type of dog to own we looked up different breeds. I have to admit I saw some cute fluffy Bichons in town one day and so I talked to the owner. I remember him telling me the one thing with Bichon dogs is they need their hair cutting regular. We weighed up the pros and cons and decided a Bichon Frise was the right breed for us and so we became the owners of Yoda and eventually Casper.

bichon frise

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Yoda and Casper are both very different. Yoda’s hair grows really fast. In fact his hair grows twice as fast as Casper’s hair. Our dogs can get really fluffy and shaggy and they do look quite cute but every few months they need to have their hair cut.

bichon frise

Casper loves to lay on bedding or a blanket whereas Yoda is quite cheeky and loves to lay on my clean laundry or anything that smells fresh and clean. The good thing is our dogs don’t shed hair so my home is not covered in Dog hair which is really good. I don’t think I could get a dog that sheds everywhere.

bichon frise

Anyway we have for the past few years ben trying out different groomers. It’s really hard to find the right groomer. One groomer was good but charged crazy prices. She also cancelled on us a lot which was quite annoying as we booked our Dogs in and made plans around their cuts. We then tried a dog shop.

yoda the bichon Frise

We took both dogs at different times and both came home with fleas. Luckily we treat our dogs so the fleas died and didn’t stay for more than a day however I didn’t want to send the dogs for grooming to a place where they can come back with fleas.

Next we tried another lady but she simply shaved off all our dogs fur without brushing them properly and it was often a rush job which looked botched. It’s been hard to find the right groomer. This week we finally found a good one. The company is C.S.R Grooming and Pet supplies. It was really good because the mobile came to our home parked in the drive, groomed the dogs and left again. It was very convenient and the Dogs looked great.

We now have a groomer which is cheaper than anywhere we have been before and who does a good job. I am pleased and John does not have to be home for the day to organise this and take yoda and casper out. I can simply sort it myself. We did have to allow the groomer to connect her electricity up t our home but I figured that was only the same as the cost of petrol for John to drive our Bichons into town.

Sadly Yoda had a major allergic reaction to something not long after his grooming session. He began to bleed everywhere under his skin. We were so worried. John took him to the Vets and Yoda was given an antihistamine and steroid injection. He is getting better but he is a little miserable at the moment and I don’t blame him.

Poor Yoda has been in the wars. I’m glad we have pet insurance because he has been attacked by other dogs, drunk hot chocolate, has a elbow problem and now an allergy. We really do love our Bichon Dogs and they bring joy to our life’s but poor Yoda does seem to get into the wars from time to time. Casper has never had an issue and has never needed to go to the vet. I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry though. I wouldn’t want to risk not having medical care for our darlings. It would be too risky.

Hopefully Yoda will pick up soon and be back to his usual happy self. The poor sausage!

Angela x

bichon dog and girl


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  1. They are so cute! We have a Shih Tzu and he needs regular grooming and I agree its really hard to find a good one! If they are reliable, they are often too expensive, or not that good. We’ve found one now we are happy with but I’ve been through a few now!

    Also… I agree… isn’t it fab to have dogs that don’t shed!

  2. Casper and Yoda are beautiful, what lovely dogs. Poor Yoda for going through the wars, not nice at all. I do hope he feels better very soon.
    Your experience of dog grooming sounds awful, just glad you found the right one in the end. It is great to find someone you know is doing a good job, that cares for your dog and has good hygiene.

  3. Oh gosh poor poppet, I hope he recovers really soon. Pet insurance is uber important for pet owners, you never know when you may need it x

  4. They are so cute. I don’t have pets but my mum has a dog and I know she had problems finding a good groomer. Hope that he is feeling better soon


  5. Aw, poor Yoda, I hope he gets better! The concept of a mobile dog groomer is brilliant! We want a dog and have been researching breeds – are bichon frise low maintenance (aside from the fur bit)? x

    1. Bichons are easy to look after. We groom ours every 8-10 weeks. Ours eat dog biscuits and like soft toys. The insurance is around $15 a month for one dog but that is for any breed really. I think it’s great having a bichon as they are so friendly and happy and loyal. they don’t shed. They are however tricky to house train at the start but once it’s done it’s done and Bichons do like to be with you a lot. They follow you around a lot and are happy just to be next to you…so if you leave the home lots and lots they may be lonely.

  6. Ah, poor Yoda, he most certainly has been in the wars. Hot chocolate? I won’t ask! We’ve never taken our Cavalier to be groomed but he needs it – my other half takes care of his grooming, which is a pain because his long hair gets so matted! He DOES shed everywhere, so you’re lucky!

  7. They’re both lovely. I’d live a dog that doesn’t shed. Our German Shepherd’s hair gets everywhere but I wouldn’t swap him.for the world. You must be so relieved too to have a good groomer after all the messing around you’ve had!

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