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My Bichon Dog Attacked Poor Yoda

dog attacked

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My Bichon Dog Attacked Poor Yoda

In 2014 John and I became Dog owners for the first time. Yoda was such a cute puppy and it did not take long for us to fall in Love with him! We bought him lots of toys, special food, a crate, bedding and organised visits to the vet for injections. We also found an Insurance company and took out Pet Insurance just incase our precious puppy came into harm or developed a condition that needed treatment!

Bichon Dog

A year went by and besides the routine appointments, Yoda got through his first year, without the need to make any claims. Then, a week after we renewed our Insurance, Yoda was became the victim of a vicious attack.

It was dreadful. John had just walked Sylvia our 7 year old daughter to school and was coming home when two huge boxers jumped their garden gate and came running. My husband had no time to escape. He picked Yoda up as quickly as possible but the dogs managed to attack Yoda’s leg seriously injuring him.

John rushed home and we drove quickly to the Emergency Vets. Yoda needed injections, anesthetic, stitches, A cone and antibiotics. Our poor little Yoda was traumatised. He was frightened and scared and luckily the dogs had not damaged any muscles in his leg. I guess he had a lucky escape.

It was heartbreaking seeing Yoda this way. For the first month he was clingy and anxious. Although the incident was back in November last year, Yoda has changed. He’s not the go lucky happy dog he used to be. Not long after the attack we adopted Casper our second dog and a companion for Yoda and Casper has helped Yoda to be more happy and more himself.

Bichon dog Casper

We never expected Yoda to be attacked and never expected the cost that would come with this. We were fortunate enough to have Insurance to cover Yoda’s treatment and as soon as Casper moved in I organised his insurance too!

Insurance does cost a bit each month, but it’s an expense we are prepared to paid to have peace of mind and be able to treat our Dogs should they become seriously unwell or anything dreadful happen. Now we have two dogs, I am thinking of looking for a new insurance plan, one that covers both pets rather than 2 separate policies.

dog walking

Our Dogs our precious and there is no way I’d not have Pet Insurance for Yoda or Casper. It’s something I’d recommend for every pet owner and something I genuinely believe in.

Have you had a time you needed Insurance for your animal?

I’d love to hear your story!

Angela x

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To read more stories about our Bichon Dogs and Dog themed posts please visit A Dogs Life


To read more stories about our Bichon Dogs and Dog themed posts please visit A Dogs Life

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  1. What a God send that you had insurance in place to pick up the costs. It’s shocking that this happened near to your home. It is very fortunate that Sylvia wasn’t with you at the time. I hope he gets his happy go lucky spirit back!

    1. I know! It’s great we were able to help Yoda and this is why Insurance is so so important. Freak incidents you never expect to happen! Yoda is getting better emotionally but he is a little damaged. Such a shame we cant talk it through with him like you would a human who is attacked. He will get there though. As for Sylvia I was so so happy she was not there as she could have been seriously injured too. the dogs did have a go at John my hubby so it was not a nice experience but yes, good job we had insurance!

  2. I don’t have a dog and I’m not really an animal lover, but OMG this is so scary that this could happen just being attacked like that, the poor doggy plus your husband could have been hurt! Thank god he wasn’t. x

    1. Oh it sure was! Made a bog difference though having peace of mind knowing we could take him to Vets and not have to worry on how much it was to help him!

  3. Yoda is so cute! So sad to hear about his attack. I am pleased to hera that you had insurance in place and was able to get Yoda all the treatments needed to recover.

  4. If I had a dog I’d definitely insure it because vets bills can be extortionate. The farm dogs aren’t insured which I think is madness especially when they’re pedigree and working dogs so are fully trained up (well, mostly!)

  5. This seems really sensible to me for all pets. Our cats cost a fortune over the years after being hit by cars and eventually one was attacked by a fox. All added up!

    1. I totally agree. I might not get it for a mouse or hamster but a dog that is just so so different! Also other animals like cats and i;ve seen rabbits at the local vets before too!

  6. Aw gosh poor Yoda, I am so glad she is okay now but seriously, what is it with per owners? I see young lads all the time winding up Staffi’s and then they wonder why they go berserk with kids x

  7. what a cute dog.. thank god you had insurance.. we have a dog and have him also insured ..hes part of the family x

  8. People really underestimate how important insurance is. My friend’s cat recently fell ill, she didn’t have insurance and ended up having to pay over £3000 for treatment

  9. We love our dog. I’ve always grown up with them. At the moment our dog Alfie is 3. He is a Staffordshire bull terrier. We have insurance for him. I haven;t needed it yet but who knows. Better to be safe than sorry I say x

  10. We had staffies when I was younger, and one of them needed some very costly operations on her hips. For that reason, I now take pet insurance with my pets. We don’t have dogs, but we do have two cats who we insure with Argos.

  11. I hope Yoda is a lot better now, bless him. I agree, it is probably a good idea to get a policy that covers your two dogs rather than two different policies. I have heard of people who don’t have pet insurance that have had to pay thousands for treatment, it really isn’t worth it!

    Gemma xx

  12. Oh yes I agree with you, having insurance is really necessary. My cat was also unwell last year and he really needed some medication and a treatment. We were able to use our insurance so it was a really good help. I’m so sorry for what happened to Yoda but I’m glad to read that he is much better now especially having the company of your second dog. xx

    1. Yes it’s fabulous that Yoda has Casper to keep him company especially when we got to hospital appointments and places as he does not like to be on his own! Angela

  13. Poor Yoda & John – that attack was really awful! It’s good you had renewed your insurance. It’s definitely important to keep your pet safe & healthy. Thanks so much for linking up with blogger club uk x

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