Best Things to Do at Pigeon Forge

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Pigeon Forge is a popular vacation area located in eastern Tennessee. You will commonly find the two faces of this place. On one hand, there is an old-fashioned town with a unique country charm. It is located in the mountains of Tennessee where you can kick back and breathe fresh air. On the other hand is an exciting tourist town where you will find almost everything from renowned amusement parks to ancient museums. Millions of tourists from across the world visit the town every year since there are plenty of things to do. Natural beauty, breathtaking sites, entertainment facilities, shopping centers, and much more – it’s a perfect getaway for the entire family or group of friends. Let’s take a look at the most popular things you can do at Pigeon Forge.


Dollywood is a renowned theme park and is considered one of the best attractions in the town. Your visit to Pigeon Forge won’t be complete unless and until you visit the popular Dollywood. Founded by Dolly Parton, it’s the central attraction for amusement rides, chasing rainbows museum, traditional arts and crafts, concerts, musical events, and more. Expect remarkable performances from local and national entertainers! Also, don’t forget to take one or more popular rides – the reason park is known for.

  • Lightning Rod – the fastest wooden roller coaster you will find
  • Wild Eagle – the very first country’s wing coaster
  • Fire Chaser Express – one of the best dual launch family coasters

Junction 35 Spirits

Junction 35 Spirits will bring out your artistic skills. It’s a family tradition immersed in the antiquity of the Smoky Mountains. The place is committed to coming up with the finest spirits you will ever find both in the Smokies and across the nation. They are known for creating their unique whiskey, vodka, moonshine, rum, and gin. What else can be more fun than enjoying the delicious cocktails? The restaurant serves incredibly delicious food that can be perfectly paired with the spirits. You will love to explore your favorite pairing. With many fun events like Whiskey and Wing Wednesdays and Burger & Beer Mondays and more – you will be never short of excitement.

Flyaway Indoor Skydiving

If you are looking forward to something exciting and adventurous, you must try Flyaway Indoor Skydiving. Once you put on the bodysuit, gear up as the air will push you off the ground. If you have experienced it before as well, you can go with interesting tricks and twists to make your experience exciting and worthy enough. If you are afraid of heights or don’t feel like flying, you can still watch your friends and cheer from the observation deck. The cooperative staff encourages people to observe other fellow guests before they are ready to fly. Indoor skydiving is a one-of-a-kind experience. It’s a safe and fun way to enjoy your vacation.

Pigeon Forge Snow

If you are dreaming of jumping on a snow tube in the hot summers, you will absolutely want to visit Pigeon Forge Snow. The place will turn your dream into reality. This indoor state-of-the-art amusement park is open throughout the year. You will find a large tubing and a play area. It’s a perfect place to relax and enjoy the real snow to beat the summer heat. The park maintains a 60-70 degrees temperature all year long. When it comes to fun and unique Pigeon Forge attractions, the snow square will bring you a lifetime experience.

Titanic Museum

The Titanic Museum is a popular two-story museum featuring one of the best attractions. Introduced in the year 2010, history devotees and titanic fans will love to get on board here. With more than 400 Titanic artifacts in about 20 amazing galleries, this museum is a must-visit place as soon as you land on Pigeon Forge. You can learn about the thought-provoking tragedies as you visit multiple galleries in the museum. You are more likely to discover interesting facts that you may not know before.

Island in Pigeon Forge

Make the most out of your vacation by spending some quality time on the Island. If you are looking for the best free things to do at Pigeon Forge, you cannot simply go wrong with visiting this place. If you want to bring your pets along, you are allowed to do so. The island makes an incredibly exciting place for the ultimate family fun or fanatic date evenings. You may want to invite some friends for a memorable lunch or party night out. Challenge your friends or family to resolve the mystery in the popular Escape Game. Encourage your kids to opt for their new buddies in the Build-A-Bear Workspace. It’s going to be super-fun!

Comedy Barn

Enjoy a music-filled eve as you watch a comedy show in the popular Comedy Barn. For almost 25 years, the place hosts family-friendly shows that will make you laugh out loud. Moreover, you can enjoy singing and dancing with live country music. Also, don’t forget to watch exciting performances by magicians and ventriloquists. The interesting animal trickeries will bring much-needed exciting laughter. Spend your eve giggling with the all-time favorite entertainment at the site.


Expect wonders at the WonderWorks! Enjoy more than 100 exhibitions and activities as you come across the six major wonder zones. These include physical challenge, extreme weather, space innovation, light & sound, fancy lab, and wonder art walkway. Some of the most popular activities that you cannot simply miss out on include the hurricane shack, virtual wonder coasters, and glow-in-the-dark ropes path.


Are you planning your very next vacation in Pigeon Forge? If yes, you are more likely to think about the best things to do at this popular tourist spot. We have compiled this list to make your job easier so you don’t need to brainstorm for hours on the go. From enjoying country music to taking your favorite ride at the Dollywood, there is much more to explore. Plan your days ahead of time to ensure everything goes smoothly. Peaceful and exciting escape to a different world!

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