What Is the Best Dog Seat Cover?

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When it comes to choosing a dog seat cover, finding the best one is a challenging task. How do you choose the best dog car hammock that actually works?

Best Dog Seat Cover

Don’t worry, we got you covered! In this article, we have compiled the essential information about dog hammock car seat covers and safe trips with pets. We have also chosen for you three dog covers that we consider to be the best. So keep reading!

Do Dog Car Seat Covers Work?

Dog car covers are advertised as a must have and are actively promoted in the pet accessories market. But are they really essential or is it just a marketing ploy that doesn’t really work?

As the experience of many dog owners (and our own) shows, dog car covers do work and are worth a try. And these are three key points that will actually change your whole pet travel game.

How It Works for Your Vehicle

First of all, dog covers protect your car from stains, hairs, teeth and nails. They are usually waterproof and scratch proof so your car stays in top condition no matter how active and messy your doggie is. The highest level of protection has a dog car hammock that covers your seats, floor and doors. For example, this Travel Buddy backseat dog hammock from Owleys brand with secure four-sided car interior protection.

Best Dog Seat Cover

To choose a dog backseat hammock that is great to protect your car, make sure it’s really stain and scratch resistant. The strongest material for dog covers is nylon and nylon-based Oxford fabric (preferably high-density 600D). These are durable and waterproof fabrics that are also tear and wear resistant.

How It Works for Your Pet

With a backseat dog hammock in the car, you create a comfortable and safe place for your pet while on the road. If you have chosen a sturdy four-sided hammock, your pet has a separate space to feel stable and cozy.

To get a dog car hammock that is really comfy for your pet, pay attention to how it fits. It should not slide or move under your dog while you’re driving. Choose covers with metal clasps and straps made from durable synthetic fabrics like the nylon we mentioned earlier. Another key point for the comfort of your doggie is the anti-slip design. It not only prevents sliding, but also makes your dog feel stable on the go.

Also make sure a dog backseat hammock is the right size for your seats and your dog. It shouldn’t be too small or too big for your pet to feel uncomfortable. Please measure your seats before purchasing to ensure the cover fits perfectly.

How It Works for You

If your seats are protected from stains, hairs and scratches, and your dog is happy, you can travel easily, right? Like this, a car dog hammock not only works for your vehicle and your pet, but also for you.

To find a hammock for dogs in a car that is super convenient for you to use, there are two key points worth considering: how to install it and how to wash it.

Best Dog Seat Cover

Many sellers have videos that show the installation process of their dog car hammock, or add instructions to the product gallery. Take the extra time to find and watch it. This will save you a lot of hassle in case the installation is difficult and unclear.

Also check what type of cleaning the backseat dog hammock has. The easiest way to clean is using machine washing or wiping with a damp cloth. But keep in mind that for machine washing you will have to remove your dog car hammock from the car, wash, dry, and then reinstall it. Plus, you need to consider the correct machine settings so as not to damage your cover’s look.

On the other hand, cleaning with a damp cloth is quicker for pinpoint stains, but longer if you have large stains. For example, if your dog gets dirty from head to tail in a muddy puddle.

Let’s Talk Safety

Whether you’re looking for a dog cover for an Audi, Tesla, or Toyota, whether you need a large backseat hammock or a compact one for a single seat, road safety remains the #1 priority. So how do you keep your pet safe when traveling with a dog car hammock?

Make sure your backseat dog hammock allows you to fasten the pet with a pet car safety belt. It should have special holes where the buckles of your car seats are located. You secure one side of the belt to the buckle and the other to the harness. This is the safest way to transport your dog. If there are no holes, this hammock for dogs in car is not safe to use.

Also make sure the fasteners are strong enough to support your pet’s weight in the event of a hard brake or car accident. This means that besides the normal weight of your pet, the fasteners must withstand a sharp pull. Be sure to check this before traveling with your pet.

What else can threaten your pet’s safety according to the results of many crash tests?

1) Keeping your dog in the front seat. In the event of an accident, the airbag can cause serious injury.

2) Fastening the seat belt not to the harness, but to the collar of your dog. Then in case of hard braking, there is a high risk of suffocation.

3) Attaching the seat belt to your headrest. While this may seem strong, it’s not 100% safe.

4) Leave your pet unsecured. Please don’t do that!

Our Picks of the Best Car Seat Covers for Dogs

Now let’s share with you three dog car covers from different brands that we have personally tried and consider the best.

Carhartt dog car hammock. Carhartt make various minimalistic nylon car covers, but we’re talking specifically about their hammock with sides. It’s not very thick, but is durable and waterproof. Suitable for machine wash. Available in tan color only.

Owleys “Travel Buddy” backseat dog hammock. Owleys created a hammock with a unique design – it has a zipper in the middle, which allows you to split it into two parts. So with one product you get both a large dog hammock for the back seat and a compact hammock for a single seat. Very handy if you have a growing large breed puppy. This hammock is considered premium –it’s actually sturdy and has sidewalls with solid inserts. Waterproof and damage-resistant. Has two pockets. Available in brown-black.

Kurgo dog seat covers. This brand has several dog covers and they all work as good car seat protection. Their only disadvantage is no door protection. All hammocks come with a carrying bag that can be used for storage while traveling. Available in gray-orange, gray-blue, and blue-orange.

So, in this article we have discussed what are the benefits of using hammock for dogs in car for your vehicle, your pet and yourself. We’ve discussed the safest ways to keep your dog in the car. We’ve also shared three of our favorite dog seat covers that are worth a try.

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