10 Best Cookie Recipes for Any Occasion

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Top 10 Best Cookie Recipes for Any Occasion

Nothing sparks inspiration like creativity in the kitchen. Discover here the top 10 best cookie recipes of all time to make again and again.

Got milk? Well then you’ll need some cookies to go with it! 

Here are the ten best cookie recipes of all time for all of your baking needs. Whether you’ve just picked up baking or are a regular cookie expert, here are both classic and unique recipes you’ll love. 

10 Best Cookie Recipes of All Time

This list of the best cookie recipes of all time is a mix of traditional and funky recipes that are sure to fit any occasion.


The classic snickerdoodle is always a great choice if you’re missing the seasonal nostalgia. 

The cinnamon sugar cookie is sure to warm your heart no matter the weather!

Lemon Shortbread

If you’re looking for that summery citrus pop, you should make an attempt at a lemon shortbread cookie. 

If you feel shortbread is too dry for your taste, you can also pick a recipe with a neat lemon glaze.

Chocolate Chip 

A cookie list isn’t a cookie list if it doesn’t have chocolate chip cookies on it. This is a cookie so good someone had to invent an edible cookie dough recipe so that we could eat it sooner!

So how can you go wrong with chocolate chip cookies?


Yes, you can save it for Christmas time, but what if you’re just looking to celebrate Christmas in July? 

With Gingerbread cookies, you can! Plus, you can modify these to be gingerbread men, women, dinosaurs, or whatever your heart desires.

Cookie Pie

Who said cookies had to be tiny? With a cookie pie recipe, you can get ten times the cookie that you never knew you needed. 

It’s also a cool challenge to take on if you feel like you need to spice up your baking, and there will still be plenty to share.

Caramel De-lites Dupe

If you’re missing the taste of girl scout cookies, the good news is that you can bring it to your kitchen!

Give yourself a fun and rewarding project by trying your hand at a brand’s cookie—can you do just as well, or even better?

Sugar Cookies

Another classic, but who can fault you for making sugar cookies

They have sugar after all! Plus, sugar cookies are a great base to crack out some major cookie decoration skills.

New York Black and Whites

B&W is more than an Instagram filter. It’s also a classic New York style of cookie.

Take yourself to the Big Apple by making these simple yet tasty black and white cookies.

Oatmeal Trail Mix 

If you need a sugar break that is still tasty, oatmeal trail mix cookies are timeless. 

Whether you need a healthier option or just to get rid of some oats, you can’t go wrong with these.

trail mix cookies

Cookie Cake

Finally, whether you’ve got a birthday party, anniversary, or are just plain celebrating, you’ve got to try making your own cookie cake!

You can personalize to your heart’s desire when you make a giant cookie and have lots of fun doing so, too. 

Have Fun Baking Cookies

Now you’re well-stocked with ten of the best cookie recipes of all time—happy baking!

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