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Chronic Illness Meme To Help Spread Awareness

If you’re looking for a great chronic illness meme or interested in seeing some chronic illness quotes then this is the post for you. Living with a chronic illness is not an easy thing. Trust me… I’ve been doing this for over six years and it’s exhausting!

I have a number of chronic illness conditions, Adrenal Insufficiency, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, Asthma and Reactive Hypoglycemia. Living with any chronic illness can be difficult both physically and emotionally. 

For myself, I really struggle. I struggle to accept how life is at times. I can feel frustrated and upset and at other times isolated and misunderstood. Sharing how I feel and writing about my experiences can really help me. Writing about chronic illness is both therapeutic and can help to raise awareness. 

Chronic illness can be exhausting, physically and mentally and today I’m sharing some fantastic chronic illness meme. Enjoy. 

Chronic illness memes

Chronic Illness Meme About Staying Positive

Whilst this health meme is all about being positive and there is a funny side to this quote, being positive when your not well can be incredibly hard at times. 

I always try to look on the bright side, focus on the good and the blessings in my life. I’m blessed to have a fantastic family who helps me stay positive at the worst of times. 

 Tired Meme – Tiredness Is Not Fatigue

This tired meme by spoonie village clearly defines the difference between being tired and being fatigued. Fatigue is when you feel tired constantly. You don’t feel refreshed after resting and sleep and the exhaustion continues on a day in day out. 

Feeling exhausted is certainly one of my biggest difficulties. It limits what I can do and I have to pace myself every day and choose wisely the tasks I will do.

Somedays with a chronic illness you cannot do anything. Going to the bathroom, getting dressed and even eating can be exhausting. 

Sick Meme – When You Want to Do Something but Can’t

Some days my mind wants to do something but my chronic illness will not allow it. Just because I’m unwell and not able to go out, enjoy a party or attend the baby shower, it doesn’t mean I don’t want to be invited. 

It can be so isolating when you are unwell and this being chronically sick meme just about sums up how I feel when I want to go somewhere but it is not going to happen! 

Being Sick Meme V’s Chronic Illness

The one thing many people often say to me is to get well soon or get better soon. People ask me what I can do to get better and improve my health.

Sadly when we suffer from a chronic illness we are not going to get better. There is a huge difference between a cold and chronic illness. The chronic illness definition is that you are going to get well. The condition is chronic and will be with you for life. 

Whilst people may mean well-offering advice and suggestions, the best way to approach chronic illness, in my opinion, is to look at ways to help manage the condition, rather than ways to get better.

Someone with a chronic illness is not going to get better, but they might be able to improve symptoms and reduce suffering. 

Nap Time Meme – For Chronic Illness

This nap time meme is perfect and simple. It says I believe in naps and whilst some people might not understand this, naps are often a necessary part of chronic illness. 

At times I’ve written on Facebook or social media that I’m going for a nap and I’ve had comments about how lucky I am I can rest or heard remarks from someone working full time, how they wish they could just take a nap when they please. 

Sadly when it comes to chronic illness, we have to take naps to be able to function and even after a nap, I may just need to go back to sleep for the day as I am too unwell. 

With my chronic health conditions comes nausea, headaches, pain and much more and naps help my body to cope. Without a nap, I am unable to do the basics in life and it’s just something I have to do. 

chronic illness meme

Invisible Illness Meme 

Sometimes you just can’t see my illness. I don’t have a sign on my head saying, “Hey I am sick”. I may look happy, I may have makeup on, I may even have a smile but that does not mean I am in pain. 

Sometimes I will leave the home for the first time in two weeks and someone will see me and say it’s great your feeling well and looking so good. The reality is I am smiling but I am not feeling well. I am going out because I need to, because I am a mother and I need to support my child or because I’ve been housebound for months and I just want to have a change of scenery. 

Every time I leave the home, I pay the price and just because I smile and you cannot see my invisible illness, it doesn’t mean it does not exist or that I’m feeling better. 

Chronic illness is no fun but spreading awareness and helping others to understand just a small part of what it is like can be useful and help me to feel better understood and less alone. 

I hope you enjoyed this list of chronic illness meme. 

Angela x

Chronic Ilness meme

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  1. You are a hero. Living with several chronic illnesses and you still find time to blog.

    I have multiple sclerosis and there are many days where the last thing I want to do is to relate all my woes to the world via my blog.

    So, your struggle is all the more appreciated by your fellow spoonies.

    You are quite right to promote a positive mental attitude. We all need to find a way to look on the bright side of our illness. Because despite the hurdles we are faced with, there is a bright side, if we only would take the time to look for it.

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