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What are the best bikes you’ve ever had? 

Can you imagine owning 3-4 bikes? We know that it is not something which is practically possible. However, we can think of an ‘ideal world’ scenario. Here are some facts which will help you in selecting the best bike. Therefore, you can opt for the top electric bicycles from a lot of variety.

The Racing Bike Is the Top Priority

If you plan for your first bike, a racing bike is undoubtedly the best choice. There is no argument that can change this view. The racing bike is essential for commuting enthusiasts. So, let’s see which one can be your next choice.

Cyclocross Is the Next

When you consider buying your next bike, the choice should be cyclocross. The good time for road racing ends in Autumn. So, you can dive into the mud sitting on cyclocross and enjoy the beginning of the cross season.

To pass through the mud, you need to have a cycle with a lot of extra space in the frame and the wider tyres. These are the differences you can experience in cyclocross from the road racing bikes.

Mountain Bike Is in the Third Position

Are you passionate about mountain biking? Then the third one your garage would love to have a mountain bike. Although you can participate in some races with a cyclocross, others need to have a mountain bike. A 29er is the best while going on a mountain bike. However, you can also stick to the old models with 26-inch wheels. MTB is another excellent model to provide you with lots of fun while biking.    

Beach Racer Comes Subsequently

Are you thinking what is next? Beach racing starts in different locations, to be specific, in the Netherlands, after the end of cyclocross season. If you prefer such events and want to enter those, then you need a beach racer. This kind of bike was invented by North Holland.

No matter you are a beginner or professional in beach racing, you can handle a beach racing bike with ease. It is a great reason to have a beach racer in your collection. Remember, saltwater may cause damage to the parts of your beach racing bike. So, it is your responsibility to clean it properly every time you ride it on a beach.   

Final Thoughts

As the entire concept is imaginary, do not think about money. Instead, you can add some more to your collection. So, what about the gravel racer, track bike, fixie and the vintage racer? Enhance your selection with these too.