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The concept of travelling has always been an enticing prospect which people often relate with fun or leisure or excitement in general.

But if we go by the scientific studies done in the finding the positive influences that Travelling has on the personality of any human being, travelling is a very potent remedy for a lot of behavioural problems of a person.


So it is time that you should stop view travelling as a tool of refreshment and enjoyment just meant to be a time-pass activity. One should rather take it as a mandatory event which you must peruse to develop yourself as a person for a better life.

The benefits of travelling not only touch psychology, but also the physical and emotional aspects of life too as stated in a recent research done by a Global Commission set up understanding the deeper impacts of travel on a person.

The research was done in association with the travel association of America. Here are 4 Key takeaways psychological benefits that travelling is able to influence in very positive way.


The general perception about travelling is very wrongly perceived by people as disturbing for physical health but the study suggests otherwise. In the analysis done for this study, there were few strong evidences that co-relate travelling to create a better health in people.

Even though, travelling as a remedial feature is restricted to twice every year as more travel is bound to harm a person by not allowing any stabile lifestyle. Women who travelled twice a year were found to live 20% more those who don’t while in men, travelling could expand the average life span by up to 30%.

Similarly, the chances of cardiac arrest are much lower in travellers than average human beings.


Travel has a very rejuvenating impact on the mind of people who are used to getting stressed and freak out on even slightest of provocation. The study reflects a dramatic decrease in the level of stress causing thoughts in people who travel at least twice a year.

This has also been confirmed by the health statistics collected from a number of people who went on a 3 day vacation as the anxiety levels, heartbeat, body metabolism and anxiousness was found to be much better in those people who had showed disturbances in tests taken prior to that trip.


The creativity of a human being is remarkably strengthened by travelling and now it is scientifically been verified for those who had any doubt on this. This is nothing surprising to be honest as the general perception about travellers being more creative is widely recognized by most people without any scepticism.


The research found concrete links to establish the influence of travelling on the creative thought process and a more genuine approach towards ideas, both theoretically and practically. Although this influence is examined to vary in case of different persons and people who are more extroverts tend to show much better results than those who are introvert.

The same thing goes with confidence as well which is obviously needed to for showcasing your creativity in a well-executed way


The rate of depression has been on a steady rise on a global scale across the world in the past decade and it is becoming a major social concern amongst the psychologists to find the ways to deal with it. Here is some relief at last as this study has shown that Travelling is a strongly influential solution to tackle with depression.

People who were suffering from depression were tested before and after a trip of 5 days and results have been very encouraging ones. There are 42% increases in the release of stress relieving hormones that are responsible for happier mood than the hormonal levels found in those people prior to that trip.

This is a remarkable impact that is equivalent to the medical benefits achieved after two weeks of proper medical treatment by a Psychiatrist.

So, now that you know these scientific benefits, I don’t think you should be looking for more reasons to travel, should you?

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