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Meditation, adult colouring in books, aromatherapy and essential oils are all good ways to re-centre your body and benefit your mental health however nothing can really compare to immersing yourself in the depths and beauty of nature.

Living in highly populated areas with skyscrapers that stretch beyond the horizon can be stressful and unsettling with modern pressures from busy work and life schedules.

Stripping it back to the basics with homes that are encased in trees and forests can give you the solace you might not know you needed. Here are seven benefits I’ve found you can experience when living closer to nature.

Less Crowds

With city life getting more crowded each day, the retreat from crowds can make all the difference. Swapping crowds for nature will allow you to unwind and reset with your own thoughts. Houses for sale near Townsville can offer a sense of retreat while still providing a strong sense of community thanks to Lendlease Communities.

Serene Sounds

Clear your head with no traffic sounds. By living closer to nature, you can eliminate sounds of suburban life that would normally disrupt a quiet evening or early morning. 

Clear Night Skies

Experience the stars like you never have before. By swapping out busy motorways for dense bushland, the night skies are free from pollution and can showcase the true beauty of the starry night sky.

Endless Bush-walks

With nature at your doorstep, the desire to explore grows. Find endless tracks and trails in your own backyard by making the move to a leafy neighbourhood such as Elliot Springs from Lendlease Communities.

More than 30% of this community is reserved for open fields or hiking tracks which gives you the choice as to where you take your adventure.

Picturesque Views

There’s nothing that can really compare to waking up to views of cascading countryside and leafy trees huddling you close to those that matter most.

When choosing between views of nature and the city streets, it’s easy to see how much of a calming effect nature can have on our minds.

Lendlease’s Community of Elliot Springs offers 360 degree mountain views from a number of lookouts and elevated lots so that you can see the true beauty of nature from your own windows.

Clean Air

With dense bushland and towering trees, find yourself an oasis within nature and notice the difference in air for yourself. Breathing in fresh air clears our minds and body’s.

Having your home open up onto nature reserves means you will never have to sacrifice beautiful clean air for city emissions again.

Lower Risk of Mortality…Wait! What?

You may not believe it but researchers from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health have discovered that there was a 12% lower mortality rate when comparing those who lived in city and nature-filled environments.

Not only was that as a result of better mental health but also better physical health in respiratory organs, kidneys and a lower death rate for cancer cases!

While nature may not cure all of our illnesses, it has huge benefits to our overall wellbeing. Being surrounded by deep forests of trees and animals and crisp air can do wonders for our physical and mental health.

Living where many of us do in the city, nature can be bit hard to come by and is normally on land that is quite expensive.

Broaden your horizons to towns across Australia that offers a sense of community and centrality while being host to kilometres of nature reserves and trees.

Have a look at Lendlease Communities to make the move and start feeling these benefits today.

*This is a collaborative post*