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The Benefits Of Acupuncture For Fertility


The Benefits Of Acupuncture For Fertility

When I was younger I tried hard to conceive and become pregnant. No matter what I tried it simply did not work. In the end I had IUI Fertility treatment, Inter Uterine Insemination and I also had acupuncture.

There are several benefits to having acupuncture when you are trying hard to get pregnant? You might not have ever considered going down that particular route, as it can on first impressions be unfamiliar. However, there is no need to worry, acupuncture can be a very serene, beneficial and gentle treatment. Acupuncture can be great for your general wellbeing and is a fabulous way to relax and help increase your chances of fertility. 


So how can acupuncture give one’s fertility a proper boost? Well, acupuncture can potentially increase the likelihood of improving fertility in numerous ways via both western and more traditional Chinese methods. 

There are two combinations which can be used alongside regular acupuncture treatments to help enhance the fertility process – namely, the use of western reproductive medicine such as IUI or IVF (which I did to have my daughter Sylvia) or you could have acupuncture and take a course of Chinese herbal medicine.

Bespoke fertility acupuncture when used as a companion to the whole IVF process has been attributed with a significantly high rate of therapeutic success. It did work for me and my IUI treatment was successful on the first attempt. 

Ever thought about doing things the Chinese way?

Chinese herbal medicine, is not something I thought of when I first tried to get pregnant but however I was willing to try natural therapies and treatments alongside my IUI. I read that a series of fertility acupuncture sessions can be really helpful when planning to have a baby and so I decided to try out these holistic benefits for myself. I enjoyed the treatment and it was relaxing and rejuvenating during a very stressful period. 

How to give yourself a proper circulation boost.

Better circulation is another wonderful byproduct of regular acupuncture sessions. When I had IUI, my husband was required to give a sample of sperm which was washed and sorted so only the best sperm could be used during the insemination process. Although my husband at the time did not have acupuncture, the quality and motility of sperm can be improved among would-be fathers and enhanced as acupuncture helps bolster blood circulation in the crucial pelvic region, encouraging better quality sperm.  

A series of regular acupuncture sessions can provide a way of bringing balance, health and regularity to a women’s menstrual cycle. Something that’s absolutely essential if you are attempting to conceive.

How to cut back those stress levels

So what if all those worries about fertility are getting you stressed out? Well from personal experience I can say that finding a way to relax and embrace inner calm through a natural therapy can really help to destress. It really helped me. 

Acupuncture can help rebalance those troublesome stress levels, by encouraging the release of nature’s normal hormonal triggers to defeat feelings of stress. This is another potential benefit you can derive from a series of treatments when trying to conceive. 

Here is a video which helps demonstrate how acupuncture helps anxiety and stress.


Acupuncture for fertility treatment can benefit the body by boosting blood flow to the ovaries and uterus. In so doing, this in turn can can increase the likelihood of the successful implantation of embryos as you try to conceive.

If you are on an IVF programme, or having IUI like I did, choosing acupuncture may just be what you need to help get pregnant or it can at least help reduce any niggling side-effects that the fertility process may cause.


Angela x

*I am not a doctor or medical expert but this treatment complimented my Fertility treatment when I conceived my own child.

*Collaborative post.

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