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Beauty And The Beast Hama Bead Craft For Kids

Today Sylvia and I decided to have a Beauty & The Beast Themed Activity Day. We discussed the activities we could do and Sylvia suggested creating Belle out of Hama Beads. If you haven’t used Hama Beads, you definitely will want to grab some to create your own Hama Bead craft!

hama bead disney designs

What are Hama Beads?

Hama Beads are also known as Perler beads or Nabbi beads. They are plastic fusible beads. To use these beads, you will need plastic pegboards to form the patterns. The colourful beads are arranged on these plastic pegboards to form patterns such as the Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Once the pattern is finished, you can fuse the Hama Beads together using a clothes iron. Hama beads can also be used to create necklaces, keychains (Check out our DIY Shark Keychain) , and to assemble 3-dimensional decors. 

Beauty And The Beast Craft

Hama Bead Designs

Sylvia has lots of Hama Beads and plenty of yellow so we decided to work on creating the perfect Belle. We got a huge tub of perler beads from Ikea last year and they have lasted a long time.

Beauty And The Beast Craft

Beauty and the Beast Hama Bead Disney Designs

I went online to search for some Hama Bead Disney designs and found a template online . Sylvia followed the instructions perfectly. It did take some time, a lot longer than we thought but we had a lot of fun!

This activity was a fantastic way to build language and social skills. We talked and chatted for an hour and a half as we worked together on our Disney princess hama bead patterns. 

Beauty And The Beast Craft

Small Hama Beads Help Kids Develop Fine Motor Skills

Hama beads can be educational in so many ways from helping kids with fine motor skills to learning about colour.

I helped Sylvia separate the different colour beads. This involved a lot of sorting and counting skills. I didn’t realise before we began just how educational Hama Beads can be. However they are great for extending mathematical skills.

Beauty And The Beast Craft

The beads are super small, so it’s not an activity for a much younger child, however the size of Hama Beads can create a challenge and help children develop fine motor skills.

Beauty And The Beast Craft

Sylvia did a fantastic job creating her Belle. It really did turn out awesome and I was so impressed.

Belle's Head

Once we completed the Beauty and The Beast Disney Hama Bead Design we went to look for an Iron to melt the beads together, however Daddy seems to have hidden it well away so we are waiting for him to come home to do the final part.

Beauty And The Beast Craft: Hama Beads

Using Hama Beads can be real fun. It’s something we enjoy doing and is a fun learning activity which both girls and boys alike can enjoy.

If you enjoyed this craft, don’t forget to pin it to Pinterest so you can follow our pattern later! 

Belle hama bead craft