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Beatrix Potter Wallpaper For Sylvia’s Room

beatrix potter wallpaper

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This week we have had an interesting DIY project at home. My aunty a professional decorator came over from Yorkshire to help with Sylvia’s new Beatrix Potter wallpaper from Murals Wallpaper. This was the final stage to completing my daughter’s bedroom and I’m so pleased her room is almost finished.

beatrix potter wallpaper

I first saw the Beatrix Potter wallpaper advertised a few months ago and so I thought it would be the perfect feature wall for Sylvia’s room. We ordered the wallpaper which was custom made for the exact measurements of the wall.

beatrix potter wallpaper

The paper came in one long roll and had to be cut at the right points and edges trimmed on both sides. We needed a steady hand to do this perfectly. We followed the instructions and pasted the paper and the walls.

beatrix potter wallpaper

Sticking the wallpaper up was not the easiest of tasks. My aunty has 25 years experience doing wallpaper and she said this was really tricky.

beatrix potter wallpaper

For some reason the paper would not stick and kept falling off the wall. It was really difficult and at one stage we thought the project was going to be a big fail.

beatrix potter wallpaper

My dad and aunt persevered and after several hours later the paper had finally stuck. We then had do our best to smooth out the air bubbles and the end result looked pretty good.

beatrix potter wallpaper

The paper is now up in the room and Sylvia’s feature wall is completed. I think it looks really nice. However the edges began to come off the wall again and so we are looking at what we can do to try and get the edges to stick down. I have to be honest I am a little disappointed that the edges keep peeling away despite following all the instructions and using the correct paste.

beatrix potter wallpaper

We will be looking at what we can do to get the edges to stick to the wall as paste is just not working. We are pleased the paper is up and it looks lovely. We just have to work out the problem with the edges. However Sylvia is pleased and loving the look of her wall.

I have written an honest review and whilst the paper is really high quality and lovely, I’m a little miffed that the paper did not stick in the way I expected. We are letting it dry out and will attempt to paste the edges again in a few days. The design however is beautiful and once we have found a solution to keep the edges stuck to the wall I’m sure it will be stunning!

Angela x

*We were sent the wallpaper for the purpose of review.


  1. A beautiful print but really annoying that the edges are not sticking properly. It will look lovely once you solve that though and I am sure Sylvia will love it.

  2. It looks lovely paper but I would be the same as you. But all that time and effort… we’ve had a few issues too with our bedroom wallpaper and it’s so disappointing. Hope you manage to sort it out. Xx

  3. How disappointing that the wallpaper was so difficult to use. The print is lovely though, I’m a big fan of Beatrix Potter and we’re trying to collect the special 50p coins that are circulating at the moment 🙂

      1. We still have a couple to find 🙂 I think a lot of people are collecting them. It’s good fun for the kids, though.

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