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This month we have tried a few new and not so new food items which I thought I’d share here on Daysinbed. I like to do a roundup every so often of the new items we try and say what we honestly think.

So here goes.

Barley Cup

Well I have not drunk Barley Cup since I was a girl. We used to drink this a lot back in Yorkshire but when we went to New Zealand we began drinking Caro instead and a drink called Milo. Anyway, with my mum and Dad returning to the UK, Dad brought a huge Jar of Barley Cup from Holland and Barrett and he left it at my house so I’ve been enjoying quite a few good drinks recently. The drink is made from Barley, rye and chicory and has no caffeine.

barley Cup

Barny Bars

Well we have never tried Barny Bars before. I bought a pack for Sylvia and to be honest she wasn’t really keen on them but i think thats because of the flavour. The bars had Forest fruits spread in the middle and I think had I bought the ones with Chocolate in the middle or another flavour they may have gone down well. Never to worry Sylvia’s friends on the street love them!

Barny bars

Broccoli and Stilton Soup

As I’m only 8 weeks out from my Gastric Bypass I’m now onto Soft foods like mash and beans, however I can also keep on having soup and when I try a food which does not go down well or makes me unwell I have to go back to liquids for a few days, so I have been testing out a few new flavours and this week I tried Broccoli and Stilton. It was quite a strong flavour but it was nice. It’s one of those soups i think I can have once in a while. I managed half a tin but did not feel like having the other half as I felt like something different but I did enjoy the half I ate.

Brocolli and stilton

Pot Noodles

John and Sylvia are huge Pot noodle fans. They do love a pot noodle every so often and we try to buy them when they are on a half price sale. They like the Chicken and the beef flavours. We got out to the park once this month and decided to do something different. We too a flask of hot water and a pot noodle, because Sylvia always feels hungry at the most random of times. She had her pot noodle at the park and she loved it.

Pot noodle

So these are the items I thought I’d share this month. Right I’m off to have a cup of barley cup. See you later.

This is not a sponsored post, we purchased these food items ourselves.