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Bariatric Surgery and My Eight Week Review

8 week gastric

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Bariatric Surgery and My Eight Week Review

Today I went to Liverpool Hospital to see the Surgeon who performed my Gastric bypass 8 weeks ago. It was a simple appointment and started by going to the reception.

I was asked to wait in the reception room and then was called into a room to have my height and weight measured. I weighed in at 16 stone 11 pounds which is Amazing! My operation day weight was 19 stone 5 and my highest weight when I started dieting was if I recall correctly 21 stone 7.

8 week gastric

My BMI was originally about 54. it is now down to 40 and yes i’m still obese but not morbidly obese and my blood sugar levels are much better now. I am no longer pre-diabetic.

So I went to see the Surgeon, Dr Magee. He is really lovely. He checked the medications I’m taking and any issues I’m having. I told him that I have been having issues with vomiting. If I eat a food that makes me vomit, then my insides becomes inflamed and I continue to vomit sometimes 6-12 times a day. We also discussed the foods I cannot personally eat.

I cant have certain meats, bread or pasta. I cant have fish or tuna or eggs. I am struggling to eat much more than soup, beans and mince and mash potatoes. It’s tough. We agreed that I’m struggling with the new technique of eating. I have to eat small tiny pieces which is easy but chewing for 20 seconds and then waiting for 20 seconds, thats the hard part. My surgeon told me to work on the technique some more.

He also said that I may have a join which is too small and I have to go back to see him in two weeks. If I’m still being sick at ten weeks, they will do an endoscopy and place a camera down into my stomach to check the join between the stomach and intestines.

I discussed how I’m waiting a long time to see my Endocrinologist and the fact I’m considering a new private Endocrinologist. My Surgeon actually told me that it may not be a good idea. He suggested rather than going to see someone private, where they will need to see my history and say I’m complex and just make further appointments, it may be best to see my current Endo privately.

I had not thought of this. It would get me seen sooner than 4 months and maybe my Endo would listen more or give me more time if I pay to see him. It’s something to consider. I’m now unsure of what to do. I was planning to go to London and now I’m confused about the next step forward. I really don’t know what I should do.

I finally went for blood tests and I will be going back in two weeks to be reviewed again. Hopefully all is okay and the results will be in range. That would be ideal.

I guess the main two things to come out of this review are the need to work on technique to see if that’s why I’m throwing up so much and the question of how do I proceed with my Adrenal issues. Do I stay or go, wait or pay out. It’s a fear of wasting money and not getting anywhere and the thought I should be entitled to fair treatment on the NHS and the fear of the unknown which is confusing me.

John (my husband ) suggested I think hard about it. I just don’t know what to do.


    1. I should be and I am but it’s been three years of messing around and thats the reason I want to go private..but what if the next appointment i get the help i need. It is a tricky situation. I think I will ring my current Endo and see if he will see me sooner again! It’s so annoying and frustrating but he is tied down appointment wise.

  1. Such a tough decision to make because once you go private, do you then have to stay private or can you revert back to NHS?? Like you say what if the next appt gives you what you need. I wish I had the answers for you, I’m sure you will make the right decision for you. x p.s loving the new blog header x

    1. It is and yes so many things to think about. I will see what can get done tomorrow and re-evaluate. It may be best saving money for the adrenal pump and continuing to see my Endo here. I need to mull it over. I don’t want to waste money or time..I need to get well asap for my daughters sake.

  2. How did the email go? It’s frustrating waiting to be seen and the problem with private is that you will need repeats of tests for full medical background. I’ve also found that with my health insurance overseas that things are often over medicalised when there’s no need (eg a repeat of tests) which may be more frustrating than waiting. I hope you get some answers soon.

    1. thanks. I have messaged and waiting for a reply. I agree it is a lot of messing around so i have decided to wait and try to save some money in the meantime if i can.

  3. Definitely a difficult situation. I would consider pros and cons and maybe wait a bit more to see what happens with the NHS and if not, paid option is always there..but really hard to give an opinion of course since I’m not in your skin. Wish You all the best whichever you decide 🙂

    1. It is tricky. I have decided to wait a little longer and try to get seen on the nhs whilst saving for private care and see how its goes. I have a lot to save,

  4. I think you should definitely look into the pros and the cons, going private might just cost you more and not necessary get you close to getting answers but it also might. NHS might taken longer thats for sure but they already know your history and issues I guess.

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