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Baltic Amber: My Family’s Secret Weapon

When my wife and I decided to have kids, we never talked about how many we would have and when we would stop. That’s probably how we wound up with 6 kids in a matter of 9 years. The first three kids were rough. We had no idea what we were doing, what our parenting style was, or how exactly each phase of their lives would affect us.

After three children though, you pretty much assume you’ve got it all figured out. We had seen and been through it all. It wasn’t until our last child that we realized no two children or problem is the same, and that no matter how much of this parenting thing you’ve got figured out, there will come a time or a child that will make you see things differently.

Half of our children hardly exhibited teething signs when the time came, making it a pretty easy few months that we could coast through. However, a few of them put our sanity to the test and made the milestone a memorable one. Our youngest, though, they would be the one that rewrote the book on parenting through teething. He cried from sun-up to sun-down, his gums were so inflamed that it caused him to drool and chew on everything, and he was just overall not the same baby we were given at the hospital.

I tried everything that had worked in the past. Orajel made him sick, Tylenol and Motrin only worked for the first hour and then we were stuck waiting until the next time he could have a dose, and he wanted absolutely nothing to do with his teething toys. He was unhappy and he wanted us to know that we were failing as parents.

One night while my wife rocked him to sleep, I took to the internet and researched uncommon ways to solve teething babies. Most of what I found was either useless information or things we already knew and had tried. Right before I gave up and tucked my tail between my legs, sure we would lose our minds before finding something that would help our son, I found a link to amber necklaces by baltic wonder. At first I thought it was one of those necklaces that you let your baby chew on, kind of like a teething toy that hangs around your neck. What I found, though, was a modern day cure rooted in cultural history around the world.

For centuries Asian and European countries have used amber stones to cure many ailments, ranging from stiff joints and sore muscles, to headaches, mood disorders, and even as immune boosters. This is because amber contains succinic acid, which is the key component responsible for relieving your aches and pains.

Succinic acid acts as an anti-inflammatory, making amber nature’s ibuprofen. It’s also packed full of antioxidants (hello healthy immunity) and can even help someone with anxiety disorders. When worn as a necklace, your body heats the bead and allows for the resin containing succinic acid to seep through the stone and into the bloodstream. Once absorbed, you’ll start noticing relief almost immediately.

Amber comes in a variety of colours. When purchasing a necklace, you’ll want to ask yourself one important question. Who am I buying this for? This is because raw amber beads can be too harsh for infants or young children due to the porous surface.

If purchasing polished amber, you’ll want to look for lighter variants of colour, such as your lemons and light honeys. If purchasing a raw, the color hardly matters. Lighter colors of amber contain more succinic acid, which is beneficial when purchasing polished beads. Since it’ll take longer to pull the resin from the polished surface, you’ll want higher traces of the oils.

My son has been wearing his necklace for a few months now. I am happy to report that we have almost forgotten that awful stage of teething. A week after he had started wearing it, we had noticed that the inflammation in his gums were completely gone, that his mood had improved, and he had stopped drooling. We finally were able to sleep longer than an hour at a time, restoring sanity to our household. No two babies are ever the same, but when it comes to our house, amber will be our hidden weapon for anything that comes our way!

*This is a guest post*