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Baking Disney Frozen Olaf Cookies

Well some days all I want to do is write and speak. I don’t know know why but I guess I have so much to share and say at times and I just want to blurt it all out. Maybe it’s due to the fact the only adult contact I have most days besides chatting to John in person is via email or the internet. It can drive me insane at times as I’m a chatty person.

Anyway…today I wanted to share another chatty person Olaf from Disney’s Frozen movie. Sylvia and I bought a £1 Frozen cookie packet and decided to have a try at making little Olaf’s.

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What You Will Need

I know the photos are not perfect, I wasn’t planning on sharing.

I don’t share everything we do, otherwise there would be no time left in the day but hey here they are and I think they are pretty cool.

We got a cookie shape cutter in the packet we purchased from Asda, made the cookie dough and shaped the biscuits.

After cooking in the oven we let the cookies cool down.

We then Iced them and added the images that also came with the packet recipe.

Sylvia had fun. I had fun and we sang a lot of songs including the famous song sung my Olaf, “In Summer” and of course “Let it go”.

We had fun baking and Sylvia thought these cookies looked fantastic. I think she did a great job.

Olaf Cookies

My daughter is super talented and she pretty much iced these and decorated them all by herself. Well done Sylvia.

Love Mummy x



Snacking talking Olaf

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