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Bacon and Egg Pie Equals Reclaiming My Life Back

This week I made a bacon, egg and spinach pie. As some of you are aware I am quite physically unwell and although I love to cook and bake, I’ve only been making meals on average once a fortnight. In fact I’ve been getting some help to prep and cook food over the past month due to my health.

Although I made this meal and this is my own recipe, I did not chop, or peel or prep the ingredients on this occasion due to limited energy. This is however my creation and was made and baked by me.

So I purchased a roll of “roll on” puff pastry from the store and covered a 7 inch dish from top to bottom. I then cracked the eggs and added milk, mixing them in a bowl. This was followed by adding four chopped up slices of bacon,a chopped onion, three tablespoons of philadelphia cream cheese, 15 chopped baby tomatoes and a cup of spinach.

These ingredients were all mixed up in a bowl. I then sprinkled pepper into the bowl before pouring the mixture into the pie dish over the pastry. I then finished by adding 1/2 a cup of grated cheese onto the top of the mixture.

The pie was then cooked on a slow heat for 60 minutes. I didn’t cook it on high because the pastry would have cooked before the mixture and burnt. Once the pie was cooked, it was dished up and served with a side salad. A very simple and easy recipe.

Reclaiming my life back

One of my life experiences in the past was living in an abusive marriage and I did suffer from a lot of psychological abuse amongst other forms of abuse from both my X husband and his Mother.

Before Sylvia was born I was a good cook. My mum taught me from a young age to make most meals. There was nothing I wouldn’t give a go and I was comfortable following any recipe.

Sadly when I married, things changed. Food became a tool or method of abuse. When Sylvia was a tiny baby, I cooked a beautiful bacon and egg pie for my then husband. I remember him coming home from work. Instead of enjoying the meal, he cooked a bowl of noodles and poured it over the entire pie.

My x mother in law was the worst for this. I would cook a meal and she would sabotage it by walking into the kitchen and pouring hot spices and curry powders into the pan. This was one of the ways used to have control and power over me, to ruin any meal I made and not allow me to cook the way I wanted to. I was then forced to cook meals I did not want to and this form of psychological abuse and control would really upset me.

Although I eventually left my x husband and got a protection order against the family, one of the things I had lost along the way was my joy of cooking. I didn’t enjoy the process, I didn’t enjoy baking or making nice meals. It took years to gain back my love of cooking.

I started cooking regular with my daughter when she was about three. We baked together and made nice treats and I slowly rebuilt my confidence in baking and cooking meals, but I NEVER again baked another Bacon and Egg pie.

This week I decided to reclaim that part of my life back and so with help, (due to being low in energy) I made my first bacon and egg pie in 7 years.

It tasted fab, my darling husband John loved it and it looked fantastic. Making this pie brought back some raw emotions, some yucky feelings and some painful memories. It’s strange how that can happen but I overcame. I baked the pie and reclaimed this recipe back!

I wanted to share this story because it’s part of my Journey, my Journey of rebuilding my life after abuse. Abuse can take years to overcome. It damages self esteem and confidence. It destroys happiness and takes time to rebuild after such experiences. I am still healing seven years on.

My husband John has helped me along the path of healing after abuse. He is the epitome of kindness and cooking this pie was more than an act of cooking, it was an act of standing up against abuse and saying, I will not allow that experience to affect my life anymore.

I plan to share more experiences in the future as they become relevant because I am reclaiming my life back and standing up to Abuse.

Angela x


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