Back to School With Holster Brands Craft Holsters

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Back to School With Holster Brands Craft Holsters

Today my daughter starts back at school. I cant believe she is now in year four. It was only a while ago that she was a baby in my arms and then starting Nursery and Reception. Time has flown by and Sylvia has grown and developed in ways that any parent would be proud.

I really want to support my daughter better in her homework and out of school studies and also in her art work. Sylvia has a real talent for drawing and received a certificate at the end of last school year for best artist in her class. So when Holster brands got in contact to see if we would like to review some craft and lil holsters I couldn’t have been more happier.


We were sent two grey holsters and two green ones. The holster is a silicone holder which is has a grip surface and is designed to be heat resistant. This is fabulous if your using them for crafts with a hot glue gun. They are very versatile and strong.

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When the craft holster package arrived Sylvia was still in her nightwear. She was so excited she simply wanted to set them up at the activity desk and I had secretly bought some new pencils for her to place in the holsters.


The craft holster and lil holster both clung to the table pretty well. They didn’t fall now and the non slip grip material works good. Sylvia was excited to set the holsters up ready for the school year.


We tested the strength of the holsters to see if they could hold lots of pens, pencils and glue. They did the job well and looked really great.


It was great setting up the Craft holsters and I noticed they have measurements on the side which could be really useful. We have not used the holsters with any hot products to test the heat resistance yet but Sylvia has asked for a glue gun and it’s on her list of wants for future craft projects.


Sylvia is now set and ready to do her homework each day after school and work on her Shopkins portfolio. She is drawing each Shopkin from Season Five and placing the designs in a file. She now has a handy place to keep her equipment.


The holsters are good quality and a great way to keep pens and pencils tidy. The craft holster can be bought online for £15.99 and the lil holster for £11.99. You can also buy a combo pack which at the time of writing this post is on sale for £22. Why not pop over to the Holster Product Catalog and take a look.

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*We were sent the products for the purpose of this review



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