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Learning To Baby Proof The Home

Before my daughter was born, I didn’t have to worry about learning to baby proof the home. In fact, I didn’t really have to worry when she was a new born, but once Sylvia became mobile everything changed and I really had to make the home extra safe.

I think the biggest thing I had to be careful of as a mother was making sure there was nothing tiny or small lying around. That included toys belonging to other children. Anything that could be a potential choking hazard had to be removed. Next we had to cover plug sockets and make sure electrical appliances were well out of reach.

As Sylvia grew and began to crawl and climb stairs, I needed to install a baby safety gate. I got a safety gate which I could open in the middle and so it did not block me from getting from the hallway to the stairs but kept Sylvia safe from falls.

Childproofing the home is not limited to blocking areas. I had to make sure the curtains were safe. I could not allow cords to hang down. To be honest I had seen an incident once as a school teacher where a child suddenly got her neck caught in a curtain cord and she got badly hurt. It was an awful accident and the supervising teacher was horrified but this made me even more aware of the dangers of curtain cords.

Another safety issue, I needed to be on top of after having a baby was the fire place. Any heat source can be dangerous and should be a no go zone for little ones. I purchased an adjustable fireguard and that kept my toddler safe for many years.

There can be a lot to consider when making the home baby proof. Even as your child grows many areas will continue to need child proofing. Do you know how baby proof your home is? 

Angela x