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Two Baby Girls In Two Days

A few months ago we found out that my daughter Sylvia was going to be a big sister again. We are not having a baby but a lovely lady in New Zealand contacted us to say she was due to give birth soon to Sylvia’s half sister. Sylvia’s birth dad is not in the picture and I am so glad to be honest because he can be very abusive and controlling and does not understand that the way he was raised, being abused is not normal.

So how do I feel about my daughter having a second half sibling. I am quite excited to be honest. I would love to give my daughter a brother or sister one day but my health and the costs of medication which I fund does not currently permit that. So whilst I secretly wish I was the one having a baby, I am really happy for Sylvia that she will have another sister to keep in contact with.

One day we plan to go to New Zealand and when we do we will for sure visit Sylvia’s half sisters and she will have the chance to meet them in real life.

Sylvia is pleased to be having a new Sister and every day she has asked, “has the baby been born yet”. Each day I say not yet however this morning I will be able to share the fantastic news with her that Yes, her sister has finally arrived. I will be sharing photos with her. We will print one off and place it in her room and maybe have a little celebration dinner tonight to celebrate the birth of baby Indiana.

In fact yesterday my cousin in the UK had his first child a little girl called Callie and now Indiana is here, it is the perfect time to start looking at Baby gifts for Christmas. I want to make up a beautiful little parcel for Sylvia’s sister and I am going to start looking around at what is out there for new borns. It is really exciting and it has made me want to create a Christmas Gift Guide for babies on the blog.

I think this will be fun and I am off to do some research and see what is available.

I am super happy for the Mother’s of these two new baby’s and it will be lovely to find a nice baby gift to give them.

However at this time I’d also like to mention those Mothers who can’t buy gifts for there babies and those who are grieving. It has been baby loss awareness week and not all pregnancies end in a happy way or as planned and it is important to take a moment to think of these Mother’s and so I am mentioning this today. Let’s take a moment to be kinder to one another and patient and to be grateful for what and who we have.

Angela x