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Baby Alive Snackin Noodles Baby Review

baby alive snackin noodles baby

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This week Sylvia was sent the coolest doll ever to review on The Inspiration Edit. It was the Baby Alive Snackin Noodles Baby From Hasbro. Now as a child I remember wanting a doll which was interactive and required a nappy. I don’t recall getting one but I do remember looking at the dolls in the toy store. It’s so nice as a Mother to be able to give my child the opportunity to play with really awesome toys and dolls including this amazing Baby Alive Doll.

baby alive snackin noodles baby

The Baby Alive Snackin Noodles Baby has some brilliant features. She speaks to Mummy or Daddy saying cute phrases. Baby says when she is hungry and full and when her nappy is full. It’s quite cute and also kind of funny.

baby alive snackin noodles baby

The Baby Alive doll comes with a hair brush and a nappy which is really cool but the best part is the noodle maker and the play dough.

baby alive snackin noodles baby

You use the noodle maker to make noodles for your Baby Alive Doll to snack on.

baby alive snackin noodles baby

Once your ready you can feed the doll her noodles and listen to her slurp them down. It’s pretty fun to try out and cool how the noodles enter the dolls mouth and disappear as if she has truly eaten them.

baby alive snackin noodles baby

And then comes the fun part which really made my daughter giggle. You take off the Dolls Nappy to discover her noodle poop. Yep it sounds yucky but it’s really quite fun and really entertained Sylvia a lot. It was also her first time to learn to put a nappy on a doll and was quite an educational experience.

baby alive snackin noodles baby

Sylvia really does like this doll and has enjoyed playing with the snacking noodles baby. We think it is a clever toy and the added speech makes the doll even more fun to role play with. Role play is an important part of child development and can really help children to use their imaginations and develop creativity, speech, language and social skills. Sylvia gives a huge thumbs up to this doll as do I and we are genuinely really impressed.

baby alive snackin noodles baby

The doll requires batteries and retails in toys stores from around £39.99 I think it’s a fabulous Doll and it’s exactly what I wanted when I was young so I really understand the appeal of this type of doll to little ones.

Angela x

baby alive snackin noodles baby

*We were sent this product for the purpose of review.


  1. Oh how cool is she, My daughter had a baby Alive but eek that was over 25 years ago. I wish our babies could say “hey I poo’d “or “mom, I’m hungry!” My granddaughter would freak over this!

  2. I can remember having one of the Baby Alive dolls when I was a young girl and how fun they were! This edition looks like lots of fun, especially since you get to make the noodles for the baby to eat and then poo. When my little girl gets just a bit older, this would be a great doll for her.

  3. My little sister had a Baby Alive doll many moons ago. That’s so cool that it’s still on the market. I know my sister played with her doll all the time. It was definitely a favorite.

  4. Wow! The images are so cute. Awesome review. Many different cute dolls are available these days, this one is pretty cool.

  5. The Baby Alive Snackin Noodles Baby would be perfect for my 5-year-old! She loves taking care of babies – changing the diapers, feeding them and taking them to a walk. I really like that the kids can make noodles with playdough and then feed them to the baby.

  6. This is super cute! My nieces love dolls, and I am always looking for new and fun dolls like this for their birthdays. I think they would love this especially since she eats noodles!

  7. I remember my daughter playing with her Baby Alive Doll that “ate” applesauce and drank “milk” It also “pooped” into the included doll diapers. I did not know there were still Baby Alive dolls available. This would be an awesome gift for my 6 year old granddaughter who lives far from me. She’ll surely have loads of fun with the Snackin’ Noodles baby alive doll.

    1. oh they are really fun..I always wanted an interactive doll as a child so it’s nice to see my daughter playing with this one.

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