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Awards and Nominations My University Studies

Awards and Nominations My University Studies


Last week I was nominated for my Second Liebster Award by the lovely Ruth from “Mummy and the Mexicans”. For those of you who haven’t heard of this, the Liebster is a nomination that can be made by another blogger  who has also received the award.

I still consider myself a newbie in the world of blogging so to get two awards in four weeks I was mega stoked- Thankyou Ruth!


As part of the Liebster award, you are usually asked to answer questions about yourself and your blog. As some of questions asked by “Mummy and the Mexican’s” have already been answered on my original Liebster Award Post I have chosen just one question to answer.

Question .What did you study/ have you studied/ are you studying?

I studied at the the University of Auckland in New Zealand. I was initially accepted into Law School and completed my first year of Law, however after some soul searching I opted to change degrees. I was very young and didn’t really know what I really wanted to study. I finally decided upon English, Tongan and Education.

Although I enjoyed studying Languages, English and Creative writing, my main passion was Education.

In my final year of my BA, I focussed on 3 main aspects of Education and I got an A+ in each subject.

1- Information Technology in Education 

This was my first opportunity to learn about the value of IT in Education and I created my own mock “Educational Website”. Prior to this I had hardly used the Internet and knew nothing about links and hyperlinks.

2-Teaching Reading to children with Learning difficulties

I learnt how to help children with reading difficulties, from age 5 through to 11 years. I am well trained in this area and have the knowledge and skills to help a child and or Adult to learn to read from scratch and to bring them to the right level.

3. Child Developmental Theory

I have a sound understanding of Chid development, ages and stages and how children learn. I understand attachment theories and this has put me in good stead as a Mother.

As I studied my Degree, I had the opportunity to work at Lynifeld College as a English – GCSE level Tutor. I also worked privately tutoring English to Asian children and Taught two evenings a week at a English Language School.

Following my first degree, I went on to study my Graduate Diploma  in Early Childhood Education and qualified as a Teacher.

I has a good career and was later employed as a Head Teacher at ABC Dinsdale. I stopped working a few months before the birth of my child and have always been a stay at home mother- SAHM.

This was pretty much my pathway through University. I had every intention of returning to complete a Masters and PHD in time, however life changed, I had a child, I divorced and migrated back to the United Kingdom. I developed Adrenal Insufficiency and became chronically unwell.

I have also now found my passion- which is Blogging and I hope to use all my skills, knowledge and experience to create a fantastic Blog. A Blog which can help inform, teach, and Inspire others, both as an Educator and Parent.

I have not been blogging too long but the greatest achievement so far was being nominated for Blog of the Year at #TheMads Blog Awards. This was massive and I’m humbled and grateful to whomever nominated my blog.


Angela xx


    1. Thanks. For so long, I felt like I’d wasted all those years at un..being stuck in I have a way to use my skills/knowledge (as a blogegr) and as a mother and it gives me some purpose again!

  1. Thanks for mentioning me! It’s exciting to see my name on someone else’s blog! It was interesting to read about your studies and career- you’re something of a high flier and your life seems to have taken a lot of different twists and turns. Congratulations on your MADS nomination, that’s really exciting news!

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