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My Autumn Winter Bedroom Wish List 

I always love the Autumn and Winter seasons. Summer is great but for me, relaxing on the sofa with a blanket, wrapping up in warm clothes or snuggling in a cosy bed is always a comfort during the colder seasons.

Another thing I love about the change of seasons is being able to style the home. When I first came to the UK, I met a friend who was very talented at home styling and she would often add furnishings and accessorise according to the season. This is something I’ve tried to do as the budget has allowed and I particularly like to change up the bedroom and lounge.

Last week Sylvia and I changed her bedding from a flowery Summer duvet set to a warm purple duvet with green and blue butterflies. It looks fantastic. This got me thinking about what style I’d choose for my bedroom for the Autumn and Winter and I had a good look at the House of Fraser Website for inspiration and ideas.

I’ve created a wish list of ideas for styling my bedroom for Autumn and Winter. I searched for a soft duvet cover with neutral tones and an autumnal pattern. I found the Ted Baker Flight Of The Orient Bed Linen Set which I love.

I could imagine contrasting this duvet with a purple block colour throw and a deep hue purple rug to cover our wooden floor. I love the look of the hand woven Clayton Border Rug and found the gorgeous Linea Textured Chenille Throw. I think these would warm the tone of the room and create a warm snug atmosphere.


For Autumn I would also accessorise the room with this Casa Couture Vase. I love the tall metal hammered look and autumn tones and feel these would be well placed in the room. Last but not least I would add the Living by Christiane Lemieux Animal Ornament range.

I think all these items would look great in my room for the Autumn and Winter Seasons,

What do you think of my Wish List?

I hope you like my choices.

*Collaborative Post