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Attending Morrisons NutMeg SS17 Event

Last week I was able to attend the NutmegSS17 event in London which featured the 2017 Children’s Spring and Summer collection for Morrisons. Those of you who read the blog regular will know that I love stylish, affordable and good quality kids clothing and that my daughter Sylvia is a huge fashion fan.


I would have loved to take Sylvia with me to London but her school holidays were a week later than most schools and she has had 100% attendance this year so far so I attended on my own.


I really enjoyed viewing all the clothes, from the baby items to the young girls section, older child and boys items. I spotted some stunning pieces which I really did love. The baby clothes were so so cute.

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I particularly love flowery floral patterns at the moment and there were plenty of floral designs and pretty patterns to view.


I loved the Flamingo hat. We are huge FLAMINGO fans and this is something I’d love to purchase for Sylvia when the range is out at Morrisons. I also thought the new active wear range was funky and colourful and am sure this is something my daughter would love.


I had a lot of fun at the event, talking to some blogging friends, viewing the clothes and making a facebook Live video. I’ve been experimenting with Facebook live and it’s was great to be able to share the collection live.


Of course I had to have fun. After all this blog is about having fun and enjoying yourself and I really did. The visit however was very educational. I spoke with one of the designers of the NutmegSS17 collection and learnt about the process of design, where the clothes are made and how Nutmeg kids fashion works. it was so very interesting.


I really liked this blue butterfly top and the orange top with the cute patterns on the shoulder. They are really fab. Most Nutmeg items are priced from £2.50 to around £10 per item, with the odd Jacket costing a little more. I do think this is good value for money especially as the clothes are so stylish.


Although I cannot comment on my experience of the Nutmeg SS17 range in terms of wear and quality yet as Sylvia has not tried them out. However the items do look very good and Nutmeg have a price guarantee that lasts 200 days promising if the clothing items wear you will get your money back. This indicates to me that the clothing range is top quality.


Once again, I loved the hat and the floral pumps. They are adorable and would make a brilliant Sylvias Style post in my opinion. I’m sure Sylvia would love these items. I certainly do.


I’m really glad I attended the nutmeg event. I met some fabulous people and gained more knowledge about children’s fashion. I even had the most delicious Butternut Squash soup and that was fabulous.


My absolute favourite items from the NutmegSS17 collection hands down had to be this jacket and t-shirt. They are gorgeous and so so cute and I absolutely love them. I also showed this photo to Sylvia for her opinion and she thinks they are lovely too.

I had a fantastic time in London and will write more about my adventure soon.

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