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Testing Out Arla Organic Free Range Milk

I’ve always been a big fan of milk! In fact as a child I had a bucket list of things I wanted to do in my lifetime and one of them was to milk a cow.

When my family moved to New Zealand I met my cousins for the first time. My Uncle Willie was a dairy farmer and he took me and my cousins to the milking shed to have a go at milking his cows. It was a fun experience!

A few years later I studied dairy farming at high school. I learnt all about the processes of dairy farming and the importance of avoiding manufacturer chemical sprays, artificial fertilisers and herbicides.

I’ve been back in the U.K. for over eight years now and this week I had the opportunity to test out Arla Organic Free Range milk and I really enjoyed it.

Organic Milk refers to milk that is produced by cows who graze outdoors on grass and clover free from artificial fertilisers and herbicides.

Arla Organic Milk is sourced from British farms where farmers don’t believe in intervention with nature. Rather they believe in higher animal welfare standards and sustainable farming.

I’m a fan of sustainable living and sustainable farming and when given the opportunity to try out the Arla Organic Free range milk I was more than happy to give it a go.

I used the Arla organic milk in the morning with my cereal. I chose Arla full cream milk which was delicious and tasty as well as nutritious.

A 200ml glass of Arla milk contains lots of nutrition including 14% of ones daily protein requirements and 74% of our daily recommended Vitamin B12. As someone who suffers from low B12 this is great news!

Arla Organic Milk comes in 2 Litre bottles and you can buy this as either semi-skimmed milk or whole milk. Arla milk costs £1.75 per bottle and Arla Organic Free Range Milk has actually been awarded product of the year in 2018.

For lunch I had a sandwich and a hot chocolate. I do like my hot drinks and adding Arla Organic milk to my drink was both delicious and a great way to cool my drink to the right temperature.

I totally see why. Arla milk is so tasty. I really enjoyed the taste of the milk I tried as did my daughter and husband. Arla milk is fantastic for my daughter who is growing and needs lots of calcium for her bones and teeth.

For dinner we had a quick and easy meal, scrambled eggs on toast! It’s one of my daughter’s favourites and I used the Arla Organic Milk as part of the recipe. Our eggs turned out fluffy and delicious the whole family really enjoyed our meal.

Arla Organic Freerange Milk ticks all the boxes for me. It’s tasty, delicious and nutritious whilst caring about wildlife and the environment. You can visit the Arla website for more information and check out social media using the hashtag #ArlaOrganic.


*In partnership with Arla Milk*