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Today I wanted to write my thoughts about before and after photos. I have to be honest I am getting so sick of seeing them on social media. It is really beginning to annoy me. 

I have had weight issues for many years now. Things took a turn for the worse after I was diagnosed with Adrenal Insufficiency and a combination of steroid medications, illness, inability to exercise and a decrease in the calories I require has made it incredibly difficult for me to lose weight. 

For years I have struggled. I have fought a long ongoing weight loss battle and to during this time I’ve taken my own before photos which now happen to be before I gained the weight back and weigh even more photos. 

before and after photos

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My Gastric Bypass Failed

I even had bariatric surgery in early 2016 but my gastric bypass failed. It works for some but it did not work for me and I was really disappointed for a few years. I’m over it now.

I have shared my gastric bypass journey of what happened and shared advice from my time as a gastric bypass patient.

I still am a gastric bypass patient but I’m it’s not something that is having any positive impact on my life. 

So my focus has been to try and eat free foods that are on the Weight Watchers flex plan

However I’m not feeling it at the moment. I think with my low Iron levels, low vitamin levels and lack of energy I’ve simply been struggling. 

love the instant pot

Discovering The Instant Pot

So I recently discovered the Instant pot, also known as a pressure cooker. I love it.

John and I have been cooking meals in our new instant pot and it’s really helped, especially as I’ve been so tired and neither of us has the energy to stand over a cooker all day. 

I have fallen in love with my instant pot, so much so that I have created an Instant Pot category on the blog. I have shared a few roundups already and a few recipes. 

I plan to share more instant pot recipes on The Inspiration Edit and am quite excited about this. 

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Instant Pot Parsnip Soup Recipe

We made an instant pot parsnip soup with leftover Parsnip from Christmas and it was so so good. I loved it. 


instant pot recipes

Scrolling Past The Before And After Photos

So this year, although I will focus on eating free foods from the Weight Watchers plan, I am not going to focus on weight loss.


I am focussing on nutrition.

I am focussing on getting my Iron levels right, on getting enough micro and macro nutrients and I will do this with the help of my Instant pot. 

I’m super excited to shift my focus a little for 2019. I just want my health to improve and to feel more energy and more strength. I want to fix the problems with my teeth and build my body back up. 

When I see before and after photos, it can make me feel a little sad, or discourage or even annoyed that others are doing well in the weight loss department. 

I also wonder how many images are photoshopped. I’ve decided when I see weight loss pictures online, I am going to just scroll past as it’s not for me at this time. 

I’ll love me as I am and work on the things I can.

Angela x

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