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Are You A Grumpy Cat?

Are you a Grumpy Cat? You may be wondering what on earth I am talking about and I really don’t know. You see sometimes I see an image I love, add a title and then let the words flow once I designed the image for the post. Yeah, yeah, I bet that’s not the way many people work but it’s one of my methods of just letting the words flow and writing whatever I feel.

Well, I recently saw a whole load of meme’s about a grumpy cat. A cat who never looks happy and is seriously bitter. The meme’s are funny but in reality if these were truly this cat’s thought’s she would be one miserable creature.

Grumpy Meme’s can be funny but if your grumpy and negative all the time or even some of the time in real life it can make for an unhappy life and unhappy family. As my husband likes to say, happy wife, happy family, happy life.

It’s true. We really have the power to be positive or to be negative about each and every situation we face. This post is being shared now but was actually written and is being written whilst I’m in hospital and it’s a pretty miserable time for me. However I am choosing to stay positive and focus on the good. I am focussing on getting well, on what I can do while I am hear in my quiet moments and what I can do to better myself in the coming months.

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I think being negative or a “sour puss” can really put people off you. It’s great to moan, to have a rant and even complain but when someone does this too often, for me it can drive a wedge between our relationship and make me want to distance myself.

Negative energy can rub off on people and I like and try to surround myself with positive influences and non grumpy people. I do know of one person who is so grumpy that I actively avoid conversations. It’s not that I don’t like them it’s just when everything you have to say is so so negative it can create a yucky feeling inside, one I prefer not to feel.

I hope my blog is a positive and inspirational place. That is my aim and while I will have a moan from time to time and complain and speak out about issues of importance I think I do a good job of not being a grump… until of course it is bedtime and I’m overtired and then sometimes the Grumpy cat might just come out.

Angela x


Grumpy cat