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Well what can I say, March has been the most interesting and difficult month so far and as we enter April I don’t really know what to think. In fact, I’m not really sure what I will write but I’ll share how I feel, the highs and the lows of March 2020 and my plans for the coming month. Here goes, Enjoy! 

A Positive Sandwich

Have you ever heard of a positive sandwich? It’s kind of the way I respond when I review something that is not as good as I’d hoped. It’s also the way I critique or give feedback when required. You share a positive, followed by the not so positive or negative aspect, followed by another positive.

This method, allows one to share the negative or not so good aspects but also promotes the good at the same time. Today I’m going to make my MARCH into a positive sandwich! So instead of the good, the bad and the ugly, I’ll share the good, the bad and the beautiful. 

The Good

In March I achieved a few things. I managed to clean and tidy my bedroom which was in need of a decluttering. Our vacuum cleaner broke and we were able to use our warranty and have it replaced for free. I am so pleased about this! Once the new one arrived we were able to give the whole house a good clean. 

In March we cooked a few new recipes in the Instant Pot. The reason I say we is because John and I usually prepare our meals together as I’m never well enough to do it all on my own. We created a tasty vegetable soup which is amazing and I have mastered the best chicken and dumplings recipe. I am pleased with that! 

Yoda has been well most of the month. Whilst he has got an issue with his ear, he has been more bright and bubbly and is going downstairs on his own, something he couldn’t do last year when he was sick and following his dislocated shoulder. He still has arthritis and has pain but he has had a better month in March. 


The Bad

As news hit of a virus circulating around the world, we regularly watched the television and listened to updates. John and I knew our family would need to go into our own personal lockdown due to my health conditions and low immunity. A week before the country was told to “Stay Indoors”, we pulled Sylvia out of school and started our own personal self isolation. 

I have to admit, being stuck in the house because of the coronavirus is not much different to my regular everyday life. I was unwell before covid19 and still am unwell with the lock down. Whilst the world is told to stay home except for essentials such as medical, food, work or exercise, this is my daily normal all my life. 

I usually only leave the home for medical appointments. I try to get out to the Supermarket once in a while but usually my husband shops on his own. I am not well enough to exercise and if we do leave the home for “work” or blogging related purposes it is very rare and I will pay the price of being unwell for days afterwards. 

So, whilst we are in lockdown or self isolating, the only difference to me has been the difficulty in accessing certain grocery and food items and having my daughter home and doing school work at home rather than at school. The rest is my normal and that kind of makes me feel sad.

cell function

The Beautiful

Well, what can I say, the positive of being locked down as a family and as a country is we have seen many people doing good and helping one another. The pollution around the world has reduced, rainbows have become a sign of hope and we have had the opportunity to help those around us. 

I’ve always been a prepper. My mum taught me at a young age the importance of food storage and emergency supplies and so we have always prepared ourselves for the unimaginable. We never expected the country to be social distancing and we never expected the supermarkets to struggle and the NHS to be under so much pressure. However the silver lining is that my family have only struggled to access fresh foods. We had plenty of toilet roll, pasta, and other stored items which others have struggled to find. 

Even more blessed is the fact we have been able to help those around us. I have a friend who’s family had to go onto Universal Credit. This means a whole month with no money, a huge cut in income and they have no car to visit a supermarket. Taxi’s are not safe and the bus services are closed. We were able to help out our friends and drop a box of supplies to their home because we were prepared. 

Sometimes it’s not about helping yourself but about helping those around you! 

My Sister On The Front Line

Whilst I sit and follow the news each day and watch the numbers of deaths grow in the UK and around the world, I continue to work hard. I work hard to keep my family happy and busy. I work hard from home to keep this blog alive and growing and to keep the page views coming in so we can still have an income in difficult times. I work hard to share great ideas to the many parents stuck at home wondering what to do with their kids. 

My sister on the other hand works hard on the Front line. She is a doctor and despite having six children to come home to each day and the struggle to have someone help them with homeschooling during the pandemic, my sister goes to work each day and puts herself and the family at risk in order to save the lives of others. 

My sister Dr Brunt deserves a medal. She is a real hero and is serving her country well. I’M SUPER PROUD OF HER!

doctor deborah brunt on the front line

Plans For April

As April begins, I need to make plans and I have. My goal is to help Sylvia catch up on her school work. We had a few days off as everything was just a little too overwhelming. We will catch up on the important topics and the less important things we will just skip. We are going to learn to make bread in the instant pot this month. i made a fantastic roundup of instant pot bread recipes if you’re interested in that. 

I will work hard to grow my crafts blog this month. I have eight weeks until the blog is old enough to join an ad network and so I am working hard to get the right number of page views to be able to do this. 

We will spend time as a family and get through the next four weeks of isolating and social distancing. We are going to plant tomatoes and grow some vegetables in our garden!